How long after the case is settled until you get paid?

We recently received a phone call from a nice guy who has a fairly reputable attorney that appears to have gone off the deep end.  His case was settled in December and he still hasn't been paid.

There is not set rule for how long an insurance company has to pay a settlement or Arbitrator's award, but generally speaking, once 30 days have passed it becomes an issue.  Usually at 60 days if you haven't been paid then you can probably get penalties and fees against the insurance company which means that you would likely receive 50% more for your case.

For some reason, our caller's attorney told him that it could be up to six months before the check is received.  Huh?  If I didn't know the attorney who was helping him I would have been worried that his money was stolen, but it's still bizarre.  To make matters worse, the lawyer apparently isn't returning his calls.  That is certainly a sign of a problem.

Don't be afraid to ask your lawyer about these issues before you sign settlement contracts.  And if you are having trouble getting your check, hold their feet to the fire.

We are workers' compensation attorneys that help people with Illinois work injuries anywhere in IL via our statewide network of attorneys.  Contact us and we will answer your questions or find the right lawyer for your situation.

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steve simpson - October 5, 2010 8:31 PM

my wife injured her back on the job.she had 1 surgery to shve the bone on a nerve.that didnt help so she had pins and rods put in.she still lives with pain daily and doctor said she was at mmi.he said at her age 51 she is considered permantly disabled.she has no college behind her.well the attorney for insurance company offered 175k and 90k for set aside she turned it down and a month later they offered 225k and 90k for set aside and she accepted their offer.that was march 7 is now october 5 2010.we have not seen any papers to sign.our attorney said they can take as long as they want.we have asked our attorney to go in front of the the judge and nudge them to have papers to sign.he told us a judge cannot give a lump sum judgement.can they stall forever?i think we should be entitle to penalties and fines.we are debating hiring another attorney but we would still have to pay our attorney and then another attorney.we just dont understand how insurance attorney offer was accepted the just stall and stall.sure would apprieciate any advice you could give.feel free to email me anytime.

Mike Helfand - October 6, 2010 8:25 AM

You can't file for penalties unless benefits are wrongfully not paid. If I was your lawyer I'd file a motion for trial and at the same time prepare settlement contracts and send them to opposing counsel. I don't know of any lawyer that would take over at this point. If they don't pay the settlement then just get your benefits at trial.

Lova Sidwell - October 23, 2010 3:59 PM

I'm fixing to have surgery on my shoulder for an impingement on 10/19/2010. I am wondering if i need a lawyer to make sure i am treated fare thoughout this whole proccess.I have been injured since Feb. and they had exausted everthing to try to opt out surgery, but this is what it has came to. They have treated me good so far but just want to make sure things don't get ugly after this. And is there an amount paid for my injuries after this if all done and over with automaticly? How long after i am released do they have to settle with me? If something goes wrong who do i go to? These are a few questions i have that is why i wanted to know about getting a lawyer. During my process of dr. apptments, a workman comp nurse came down from chicago to go to the appointments with me, but never did this with anyone else that was injured through work??

judy - September 11, 2011 10:56 PM

We did not sign a settlement check for I do not agree and the lawyer is saying we agree on the phone, we agree on that amount not knowing we would be stuck with medical bills and we knew we had to pay his fee, so in return he would get pay more than I would receive after I pay the medical bills, He said If i Do not sign it will cause a conflict with him and he will take me to court to force me to pay him ? And I would have to pay for court cost ect ?? Is this Normal ? I have a permanent injury , Can I get another Lawyer, This one is scaring me , he is not nice either,

WE REPLY: In order for there to be a settlement check that means you signed a settlement agreement. Seems like it's too late and yes he could take you to court. Either way, I don't think a lawyer in the world is going to step in to a mess like this.

Deedre - August 2, 2012 3:04 PM

My case has been settled and my weekly checks have stopped my attorny does not know about when im getting my settlement check so they say the insurance company said my last check which when asked the amount it was my settlement amount mailed to my lawyers office on the 27 th of july it takes 3 to 4 dayes for my check to get here from there office why havent I got it yet I called my attorney and let them know what I know and they paused and told me that they would call me back when they see whats going on and I havent got that phone call yet is it aganist the law for them to hold my money?It's been a week and a half.

Mike Helfand - August 2, 2012 3:35 PM

I think you are over analyzing this. Sometimes the insurance company orders a check, but it doesn't go out for a few days because they don't write a check, they enter it in to a computer and someone in another state likely has to sign it. Once your lawyer gets the check they have to deposit it in to their own account, wait for it to clear and then write you a new check. You are probably worried about nothing and will likely have your money in a week to ten days.

David - October 2, 2012 2:09 PM

My workman comp settlement offer is done. Signed the paperwork and it has been in the hands of the party responsible for paying me for 10 days. This took 6 months, how long will it take to receive my check.

WE REPLY: Within 30 days of it being approved by an Arbitrator is typical.

Chris - October 17, 2012 11:26 AM

My husband injured both shoulders at work, he is a nurse, there was a broken bed and a lift was needed for a patient. He tore both rotator cuff(full thickness) and lost his biceps tendon. First surgery was 6 weeks off, 4 months rehab. Second surgery was 6 weeks off, 6 months rehab. Work comp denied from beginning but husband was able to work light duty. This has been a 4 year process, because he needed to bank up EIB to take the time off for each surgery. After 1st surgery WC ofered a small settlement, which we denied for both shoulders. Our insurance paid for each surgery and his personal extended illness time paid while he was in an imobilizer. He was medically released May 2nd. We do have a lawyer but I'm afraid he may not be doing enough. All we have heard is that the attorney for ins.Co. says that they will figure a settlement. Our last call date was 10-4, our attorney again said he "talked to them" and they will send settlemet. Then it was "they had too many cases an will get to it next round" next round when? 90 days? He says we would be smart not to take it to arbitration...what do you think so far? Almost 6 months from medical release, and still waiting to hear?

WE REPLY: A lot of this is odd, but it's hard to know for sure without talking to you. Please call me at (312) 346-5578 or e-mail your number so we can discuss the case in confidence.

Chris - December 28, 2012 8:57 AM

I signed my settlement over a month ago and the w/c insurance company said that an attorney would be contacting me to sign the additional paperwork before it gets approved by a judge. How long does this process take? I don't see why it would take this long to get this whole situation sorted out. Is there a timeframe from the date that i signed and returned the settlement offer in which the insurance company has to get the settlement completed? What would the timeframe be before the insurance company could start to accumulate fees?

Mike Helfand - December 28, 2012 9:07 AM

Sounds like you went at this alone. The process doesn't take this long normally, but since no contract has been approved by an Arbitrator, there are no fees that can be assessed against the insurance company.

What was your injury and what did they offer you for a settlement percentage wise? We've seen a lot of insurance companies low balling workers badly for accidents after the new laws were put in place.

Tina - June 22, 2013 8:14 AM

My attorney worked with the opposing sides attorney and came to a settlement that we agreed on. This was done four weeks, three days shy of 5 weeks, ago and we have yet to receive the contract agreed upon. My attorney originally told me that it could take about a week to receive the contract. I contacted my attorney and asked if it isn't received by the final decision date of the judge what happens then, he stated once an agreement has been reached the judge no longer reviews the case so the judge will not make a decision from the trial at this point. My attorney did put in a couple of calls last week the the opposing attorney with no return calls. How long does it typically take for the contract to be received? I don't feel I should have to keep calling my attorney for status updates since he is getting paid such a good chunk to handle the case. Do I give it more time or make a another not so pleased phone call to my attorney? I did call him 3 days ago and no return call as of yet.

WE REPLY: It shouldn't take this long. Your lawyer should prepare the contracts himself or file a trial motion ASAP.

Rachel - November 20, 2013 8:50 AM

I talked to my Lawyer Monday early afternoon we agreed on the settlement and my case is wrapped up im only waiting for the Insurance company to send the check to my Lawyer then im going to my Lawyers Office to pick it up. How long will it be ? Im in a big bind with my gas bill at home i have two choldren and now we have to stay with my parents until i get the money to get my gas back on . All we wanna do is go back home be comfortable and be a family once again. Im so tired of crying and im worrying myself sick !

Mike Helfand - November 20, 2013 8:58 AM

It's really a better question for your lawyer, but you are probably 60 days away. Settlement contracts need to be prepared and signed by everyone. Then they need to be submitted to the Arbitrator. After that the insurance company has around 30 days to pay although it's usually quicker. But once your attorney gets the check, it often takes 7-10 days to clear before he can write you a check.

Good luck with everything.


caroline - February 25, 2014 2:19 PM

I been out of work as of may 6 2013 due to left shoulder injury at lawyer and doctor went to court as of 8/13/13 and we won.the hospital want to settle.why I couldn't I got workers comp in the time being.because I know waiting for a settlement ckeck is a long time.I have so much pain from my neck down to my finger doctor said I got a lot of nerved that worth anything ? Didn't hear anything about when I get my settlement yet.hope you can help me.thank you

WE REPLY: What you are saying makes no sense. Why would you settle if you aren't done with your medical care?

chinita - April 21, 2014 12:07 PM

I got injured at work from a slip and fall my lawyer been fighting my case since September 2011 and I got hurt on may 11-2011 had surgery on my right knee February 6 2012 and a baker cyst in the back of my left knee my workers compensation stop in September 18 4 months after I got hurt and hes not even trying to get my workers compensation back going all im getting from my lawyer is that the insurance company keep saying every time I call him its not work related they not given me an offer my lawyer never calls me back im doing all the calling he keep telling me bad things never nothing good about my case he can't even tell me how much he trying to settle for. I believe that the insurance company paid my lawyer not to finish my case its been two years and 4months and he cant even tell me what really going on with my case can you please tell me what can I do about this problem

WE REPLY: 1. No way your lawyer is bought off. That doesn't happen. It's just lazy lawyering. 2. Fire him and get new representation which shouldn't be hard if there is no settlement offer yet.

larry - May 22, 2014 12:06 PM

I had a slip and fall in 2012.I had surgery in 2013 then sent for an IME by my job in Jan, 2014. We have not received the report my attorney has called multiply times and still nothing.I called the doctor's office they sent me too and was told that i could not get the report, because my job insurance paid for it. I don't understand how they can do that.My doctor is asking for the report also. How long can they hold a report? or is my lawyer not doing his part to get it?

WE REPLY: Your lawyer should subpoena the report and/or file a trial motion if your benefits have been delayed.

mary - May 29, 2014 8:25 PM

Please help me.
I have so many questions and no answers, my workers comp case is over two years. I call my lawyers office the only answer I get is that they are waiting for the neutral doctor, to decide, I had surgery on my right shoulder, but the surgeon sent me to work doing the same work that injured me before,now the tendon is torn again (full thickness tear). plus five herniated disks on my lower back, they say IAm going to need a second surgery on my right shoulder again, what I need is my benefits,I alredy ran out of state disability, I have been without a paycheck for over one year, I am losing my house and unable to pay my bills, and unable to work! I am losing my mind, is there anything I can do.

WE REPLY: There seems to be no reason why your lawyer isn't going to trial on this case. You should push for that to happen.

Kaila - June 19, 2014 10:54 AM

Hi, I hurt my back at work back in March of 2013. I tried everything I could to avoid surgery but last week I finally had to have it. I have been off of work since April 18, 2014 and still have not received a check. It has been two months and I am really struggling financially because of this. Every time I call my lawyer he says that workman's comp is playing games with him and of course workman's comp wont talk to me because I have a lawyer. What should I do? I just need to get paid.

WE REPLY: I am curious as to whether or not your lawyer has filed a 19b motion and petition for penalties and fees? If not you have the wrong lawyer.

Toni - July 6, 2014 10:41 PM

Please advice me I 2009 I was hit and ran over I found an Attorney, in 2012 we settled for full amount, when we settled he told me I have to let him hold on to 5000 of the money just in case one of the Docs that treated me sued me.I know that I have know out of pocket other than my deductible of $2000. I paid that at settlement its been long enough and we need the money how do I tell him I want my money and is that normal. HELP

WE REPLY: I've NEVER seen that happen in a workers' compensation case. You need to demand that money today and/or report him to I don't have all of the facts of course, but it sounds like theft or very bad lawyering.

jeff - July 12, 2014 9:04 PM

I am currently out of work in April 2010 I had my first surgery,I was hurt on accident by another employer dropping a 100 lbs. pin from an escavator on my foot I am suposedly on wrkmans comp still but have not recieved a ck since may 2014,I also had another surgery on the same foot because it was not fusing in Dec.2013 and they had to take a skin graph from my leg.I am recieving therapy and am awaiting an approval from workman's that I get a second oppinion from another doctor,my dr. now actually refferd me so they can see if I am at mmi foot still hurts and my daily activities are limited, our attorney is hard to reach and says he cannot do much until doctor decieds ive reached mmi, so we are struggling to make ends meet. can you please give me some advice on what to do please?

WE REPLY: What exactly is your lawyer getting paid for when the case is over? March down to his office and try to work it out or switch lawyers.

Tony - July 18, 2014 12:46 AM

I was hurt 2010, I have a small disc portursion\herniated disc. wk.comp. only paid me for 4months. and I have not received have not any more payments after that. they disagreed with the medical evaluation that they sent me to. I have not received any payments ever since 2010. They do pay for my doctors visits once a month. All they do is give me med's and more med's. Will I get any back pay for this? I do have a attorney .He just say I have to wait it out. what do you think? I'm in Sonoma California , please help need advise

WE REPLY: We aren't licensed in CA, but in Illinois this would be ridiculous and we'd have gotten the case to trial long ago.

CE CE BLAKE - July 30, 2014 6:36 PM


WE REPLY: It's a question for whoever your lawyer is, but three weeks is not a long time as the contracts have to be signed by the defense attorney and submitted to the Arbitrator for approval.

CH - August 7, 2014 5:17 AM


Hi my job required 95% travel to client sites. Jan/2010 while traveling to a client site I got off of the plan with my computer bag in one hand and purse in the other...upon exit there was at least an 7-8/in drop from the planes exit door due to the jet-bridge being mis-aligned. I fell into mid-air on my left side onto the jet-bridge. Following an urgent care vist it revealed two(2) fractures (L4&L5) as well abulging herniated disc in my back. I have been living with daily pains of this injury since Jan/2010. I have gone through multiple pain injections and treatments...etc..however I can't cont medical w/o insurance. I can no longer pay my bills, food, basics..etc...THIS IS JUST NOT RIGHT...I worked faithfully for this company and then I got hurt...I did not wake up one morning and say to myself.."hmmm I think I'll fracture my back today" I HAD A WORK RELATED INJURY!!! and the company and their insurance company have worked overtime to dismiss me...THIS IS SIMPLY NOT RIGHT SIR!!! My HR and Sr Managers knew of my work restrictions not to fly, pull or lift more than 5-lbs however under duress and fear I had to travel to keep my job. I provided bi-weekly work progress reports from the Dr on my restrictions. My case has cont to go before arrbitrators...but nothing has happend yet to resolve..the opposing counsel even had a back injury...went "MIA" for months for his personal treatment while leaving casies unresolved. Now my atty said that today 8/7 the opposing counsel (whose character I question because he has yet to follow through on anything he tells my atty...yet she never holds his feet to the fire)
My case is suppose to be being reviewed internally by Travelers Insuurance "High Claims" review panel. I am not quite sure what that panel is all about but what I am prepared to do is bring media attention to this unfair delay by the insurance company and their attorny if nothing positive/progressive happens in todays efforts. I am just Emotionally, Physically and Mentally Drained...and it appears that these insurance companies are allowed to mistreat people for ungodly lengths of time and sir...THIS IS JUST NOT RIGHT!!

WE REPLY: Not clear if it's too late to switch lawyers or not given the age of the case, but this is what your attorney is supposed to take care of.

Kim G - August 18, 2014 11:59 AM

I was hurt at work trying to reach for records but lost my footing and slammed my middle finger into wall thought I regained my balance but then caught myself with my wrist put on light duty then lost my job due to fmla running out. It took me almost a year to find a work comp lawyer that could handle an illinios claim while I live in Indiana. I filed for disability and although they agree my right hand and wrist were damaged they denied the claim which I am now appealing, my main question is if I signed with this attorney back in July 2013 and it has hit my 2 year anniversary will it take another year to settle? I'm broke and don't know what else to do!
Thanks in Advance, Kim

WE REPLY: Did you hire an Indiana based lawyer for an IL case? If the case is denied it needs to go to trial and I'm not clear on why that hasn't happened yet. Feel free to call us to discuss or e-mail your number and we'll call you.

Darrell - September 24, 2014 10:42 AM

Hello i sliped and fell in jan 2014 and hurt my knee and back i had surgery on my knee for a torn menicus and a few budging disc in my back then the w/c denied my knee due to at the time of injury going through all that pain I did not report on the report my knee because my entire body was hurting so I went through my primary care doctor had a mri and had my knee repaired i do have a lawyer which he stated this was the best thing to do what I did because he will fight for me to get it handled so how long do you think this will take? I need help please

WE REPLY: It's hard to say how long this will take without knowing more, but I looked your case up and do not see evidence of a trial motion being filed which likely should have happened by now. I also am curious how often your Chicago attorney goes to Wheaton where the case is being heard.

If you wish to discuss your case, e-mail your number or call us at (312) 346-5578.

Tas - September 24, 2014 4:17 PM

Hello, how are you guys doing today? I have a quick question I been off work for almost three and a half years and for almost two years I didn't get paid at all. I went to see the job IME doctor and he stated in May 2014 that my knee injured is workmen comp based. So my question is once the insurance company received my report shouldn't they've paid me my back pay check? Or would that only take place when my attorney file the motion?

WE REPLY: They might need a nudge, but if the IME doc says you've been off work this whole time due to a work injury, then we'd expect you should get paid.

Tas - September 24, 2014 5:16 PM

What is a nudge? I've had four knee surgeries so far and yes the IME doctor that the workmen comp sent me to did said it's workmen comp based for the whole time I been off since the injured happened. Also, the company is paying me now, medical treatment, therapy, in home nurse, last surgery and my transportation driver and they also got me a case manager now. Only thing I need now is my back pay money and next month my attorney will be heading to the motion.

WE REPLY: A nudge would be filing a 19(b) petition and/or petition for penalties and fees.

Sammy - October 6, 2014 6:53 PM

ive been on WC since 2011 with a back injury. My WC has stop July 2014 im on SSD with offset. WC told my attornys since we reached settlements no more TTD checks for me, I found out in July WC haven’t paid all my bills for PT, now it’s Oct and my attorny said the bills still not paid they are putting dates together so I can’t sign contracts. Can they stop my TTD like that? How long does it take after signing contract in order to get settlement? What are the steps after signing?

WE REPLY: Your TTD should continue until the contract approval. If the bills aren't paid he should file a petition for penalties. Once both sides have signed the contract, it then gets submitted to an Arbitrator for approval. Once approved you are usually paid in 2-5 weeks.

Jazz - October 24, 2014 1:32 PM

i settle my workman comp like 3 weeks ago on the phone with my lawyer and i call the office they telling me that waiting on some paper work for me to sign. How long will it take for me to get my money.

WE REPLY: That's a better question for your lawyer, but likely they are just waiting for the defense attorney to prepare contracts. When your lawyer receives them, he'll have you sign them and then they'll eventually be submitted to an arbitrator for approval. I'd expect you'll be paid by the end of the year.

Jazz - November 3, 2014 1:58 PM

i signed my paper work for a settlement about two weeks ago im just waiting on the judge to sign off on the agreement how long do i have to wait for the judge to sign off on the agreement.

WE REPLY: As soon as your lawyer drops them off it should happen. If they don't hand it to them personally it's usually a week or two.

Adam - November 13, 2014 1:43 PM

I received a call from my attorney in August 2014 saying the employers attorney was offering a settlement award, but I would be responsible for paying the chiropractic care I took for the injury, I was hesitant but I signed and delivered(to my attorney) the settlement the last week of August and was told it could take up to 6-8 weeks to receive the settlement check. It has now been almost 12 weeks and no check. When I call my attorney's office all I'm told is "we haven't received the check yet" and" we'll call you when we get it."

Is there any reason for this long of delay?

WE REPLY: Probably just didn't get submitted in a timely manner or took a while for the defense attorney to sign.

Adam - November 13, 2014 7:23 PM

In regards to my post above. Is there anyway for me to find out when it was submitted and approved?

WE REPLY: You can look up your case at

Tirrell - December 3, 2014 6:25 PM

I settled my workerscomp case 4 weeks ago. I signed the contract, my lawyer and the employer lawyer signed the contract. Why haven't I received my check...? My lawyer told me it would take 3weeks to a month til I would receive my check. I called the State Board of workerscomp and they said that my case was approved for settlement on November 18th. So does the 3 weeks starts from the date of approval from the State Board?

WE REPLY: Not sure who your lawyer is, but of course this is a better question for him/her. You probably got caught up in various people not working close to Thanksgiving. If it was approved on 11-18, it's possible that your lawyer didn't get the contracts until 11-25. He then sends them off to the defense attorney who might not have received them until after Thanksgiving. They then get sent to the insurance company who usually take 1-2 weeks to send out a check. The check goes to your lawyer and even then has to be deposited in their trust account and clear before they write you a new check. Not that unusual what's happening, just bad timing.

Gwen - December 9, 2014 9:07 PM

I had a workers comp case.The case was settle on Oct.29,2014 All papers were sign from judge and both attorneys..I have not received my check as of yet.My attorney contact the other side insurance company on Friday a they email my attorney and said the was going to 2 day the check.Still has no received it.Please tell me what I can do I am very mad..

WE REPLY: All you can do is follow up with your lawyer. Not a great answer, but I can guarantee you that the insurance company wants your case off their books before the year is over, so I'd expect the check is coming.

Eric - December 12, 2014 1:30 AM

In light of perhaps better judgement I agreed to my first offer and had the paper signed and rushed back. I was then told I would receive a settlement check within the next week. More than a month has passed with regular contact all being told that some mystery person is supposed to call me (which also hasn't happened) and I generally get the run around with no difinitve answer as to why I haven't received a check yet. It's rather strange that I'd be told I would be paid accordingly and then get calls ignored and not returned when I accommodated them as opposed to taking them to court for more money. So essentially I'm wondering if I have legal recourse at this point if I don't receive a check soon.

WE REPLY: If the contracts are approved and payment is late, the only option is to apply for penalties and fees.

Mack - January 6, 2015 8:59 AM

I had an accident Nov 2011 where a truck ran into the back of my vehicle, which totaled my vehicle. I have been working with a lawyer since Jan 2012 for reimbursement for medical and other expenses. Their ins made a ridiculous offer early 2013, which we turned down. Had deposition August 2014. Yesterday my attorney called for me to come pick up check. I didn't know an offer had been made but he agreed to an offer and a check was submitted. Now they want me to sign approving settlement. Is this kosher? Should not I have been informed and agreed to settlement?

WE REPLY: That's the strangest thing I've heard in a while. They never cut a settlement check without approved contracts first. Do you know your case number? And yes, you should have been informed and you don't have to take the settlement.

Lionel - January 9, 2015 4:53 PM

Hi i injured my right hand at work on 10-1-14 it got smashed In between two conveyor belt It didn't break any bones just smashed and cut my hand And I didn't hire a lawyer they are paying my medical bills and they sent me to physical therapy Just wondering is everything going how is supposed to They told me to discontinue therapy but I've been ordered to see a hand specialist..Now should I have hired a lawyer or is everything okay by me doing it by myself like I have been

WE REPLY: If you need to see a hand specialist you should get a lawyer. Email your number and we will call you.

eramos - January 26, 2015 4:22 PM

Got hurt june 3 of 2013 hurt my lower back nd had to have an si1fusion. Now they sent me to their dr. Nd he had me tell him what happened nd said. Not to worry they r goin to get me better. And now after tlk. Too him he said their is nothin wrong with me nd i cn go back to work with 2 percent disabilty . But hoe can he know that from jist tlkn to me.i am just sick of all this and want to settel but have no idea how much my case is wor nth.nd i ask my lawyer and tell me he dont know . And with the money pay my dr. Myself for what he says we still have to do.but i dont know what to do from here can u help

WE REPLY: That rating is ridiculous. E-mail your number and we'll call you to discuss your case. But if your lawyer isn't answering your questions, I wonder if they are experienced or not.

Gary - January 27, 2015 1:58 AM

I was injured in sept 2013 my employer fought it for a year said I was fired for post accident conduct but I had enough proof to get treated .. Now they only wanna pay me 3months ttd and I've been off over a year ? Is this correct?

WE REPLY: It's hard to say without learning more. Please call us at (312) 346-5578 or e-mail a number and we'll call you.

Nikita - February 1, 2015 4:44 PM

Was injured 1/10/14 from a slip and fall while at work injured my back and right wrist which required surgery to repair cartilage (TFCC) was told I had a lumbar sprain for the back which causes me chronic pain surgery was done in the wrist on 5/29/14 how much of a settlement figure should I be expecting Not to mention I have developed a very painful frozen shoulder and my fingers have contracted into a claw with very limited range of motion

WE REPLY: Nikita,
No way to tell you what your case is worth without seeing your medical records and knowing your wage. That said, given what you are describing, settling may not even be wise. Email your number if you'd like to discus your case and we will call you.

jorge - February 3, 2015 3:03 PM

Hi I been out of work since November 21 2014 I had my knee surgery like 2 weeks ago and now am about to start my rehabilitation this week once my orthopedic tell me to go back to work again this is going to be around in another month maybe . how long it will take to sattle my workers comp. I have may lawyer working on it but I will like to see how long it will take am in so much debt now it is killing me !! Please help me !! Thank u

WE REPLY: It depends on your medical recovery. Shouldn't be even thinking about it right now.

Tony - February 10, 2015 5:56 PM

I'll try to keep a very long story short and try to just cover the basics.
I injured my lower back in August 2010 due to faulty equipment that my employer knew about but refused to fix, ultimately while trying to lift this trailer leg I hurt my lower back and after seeing physician he wanted to do surgery due to L4,L5 disc herniation, but after having surgery in 07 to my cervical C6,C7 I swore I would never do any kind of surgery again, so been dealing with the pain with injections and medication. I have a lawyer actually on my second but won't get into the first fiasco, so I believe going on 3 years with my current attorney, but from the start I was denied benifets due to the opposing insurance attorney saying it was because of the surgery I had in 07 but after talking to numerous doctors they said the back is 3 sections and would be like saying my arm had something to do with my toe so I knew then they had nothing to stand on plus had a witness that night it happened, so needless to say after a few continued trial cases and the most recent in jan that after calling my attorney the day before he then said that we didn't have to go because opposing attorney had authorization to settle and my lawyer said he was in talks with opposing attorney and said he was mailing the offer to him and should have it in a few days so I then waited a week or so to call back he then said something in the affect that he should get authorization or something ? Can't remember exactly but almost like back pedaling or not being firm enough with other lawyer? But here it is almost a month since I heard that they were going to finally settle and still no word, almost 5 years now with no money & ect. Like all the other posts stating and when I read a few cases from this court that mine was being held in it's like "what is going on?"Can't believe I got put aside for almost 5 years after reading some of those cases, I just think it's so unfair that the business owners & company insurance can string cases along this far while the victim loosing everything and sits in pain.
Anyway know long does it take to get a figure once they say they can settle? And I was making over 1200.00 per week and I have no idea what I am entitled to? my attorney never told me any figures other than my medication being paid for since last March or so, can you give me an idea what I would or should expect to be entitled to for something like this, I read back pay plus ?
Thank you

WE REPLY: Tony, the honest answer is that this is such an involved case that without seeing your medical records and knowing if your doctor is in your corner and credible, it's hard to give a realistic answer. Sure if you win everything you could get back pay plus permanency, but we just don't have enough information to determine that.

theresa keenan - February 21, 2015 4:08 AM

I was injured at work on the 10th of april after I reported to my boss shortly I was fired. I opened workmans comp case and finaly went to one of those doctors they listen to got mri done found I will need surgery. I have been without income for 9months,I dont understand whats going on and im in jeopardy of being homeless

WE REPLY: You need to get in to court. We'd be happy to help. Please call us at 312-346-5578 or send your contact info and we'll call you.

Victor Casanova - February 26, 2015 1:13 AM

I had a lower back injury at work since November 2013; Herniated discs L3,L4. My employer sent me to see the doc for treatment (meds and physical therapy for 2 months) that didn't aliviate my pain so tHe dr put me on light duty for 4 weeks. Then the dr offered cortisone injections but workers comp didn't want to pay for that treatment. I ended up getting lay off of work due to slow season. I apply for unemployment they gave me 4 months of pay only. I also hired a lawyer which whom initiated the medical process with the wc lawyers n their docs. The doc saw me n gave me more meds n recommended the same injections as before. This time I got them but minimal relieve. I haven't receive no monetary compensation whatsoever n I'm struggling both physically and financially. Don't know if ex employers insurance company can pay me something in the meantime. The first meeting with wc lawyers they offered me close to 15k but I declined it. Now The surgeon recommended a hernia repaid surgery for my injury on L3,L4. I'm afraid to get it done and end up worst than now. I get anxious thinking about the surgery. The doc says there is over 90% change I get functional after the surgery. If I decline to do this surgery what happens to my case? Can this still be settle? I already told the doc I will,get the surgery so I signed the papers n I guess wc will pay for it. If I decide to go w the surgery this will,take place the second week of March 2015. What can I expect, will the case b put on hold until I'm done with the recovery part of the surgery? The doc said recovery time is about 6 weeks and he we will c me after the recovery to do his assessment and forward it to the wc lawyers, but what happens after that? Is the actual settlement initiated after the total recovery? If I don't accept the second offer can I appeal for an increase? How long after the surgery in March will the settlement happens? I called my lawyer on Monday n advised her that the doctor gave me the surgery order, but she hasn't return the call yet. I wanted to ask her all of the above questions. I'm just lost, don't know what to do, and I am really struggling physically and struggling financially.

WE REPLY: Not sure what to tell you other than that your lawyer not returning calls is unacceptable and you shouldn't even be thinking about a settlement while you are still getting medical care.

Victor Casanova - February 26, 2015 1:57 PM

Thanks for responding!
I'm worried about not ending up well after the back surgery. But I guess that's what I need to do in order to continue with the case. My doctor told me the recovery will be 6 weeks and so my question is how long after the recovery period end usually take for a settlement to occurred if no other medical treatment is needed?

Thank you again


WE REPLY: I'm not telling you to have surgery or not. That's up to you and your doctor. I wouldn't even think about settling until you've been released with no need for more medical care for at least three months and that assumes you don't have any work restrictions.

ricardo - March 11, 2015 1:04 AM

I got hurt on the job when I slipped off the top step of my semi lost my footing and fell and slammed on to the ground benieth me...hard!!!. A ambulance came and took me to the hospital.scince this accident happened way back in may 2013, I've had mutible injections to my back and knee.had x-rays and cat scan and m.r.I.of my back and knee.I had surgery done on my doctors recomending a second surgery....were they want to remove some of my bone and grow some cartalage and reinsert it back in to my back doctor want me to have surgery with pins and rods put in my I was sent for an i..m.e to see there knee doctor....he disagreed with my doctor on a second sergury for me knee saying it would not really make a differance and most likely make it worse....but he did say not only have in his opinion reached m.m.I. (maximum .medical .improvement.) I will never drive a truck again....never!!!.witch by the way is my proffessinal trade thar I've been doing most of my work history for many years.also I should have a full capacity evaluation done too determine what kind of work I'm capable of preforming if any at all!!! I had that done many months ago might add a full capacity evaluation as to the insurance companys requierment they asked as far as my back situation..the insuance company requsted a I.m.e with there doctor .they stooped my checks because I missed the first I.m.e they set up...and said they will not pay me till I comply with there request witch is there right to do so and if further treatment was nessesary.well after a while of starving me out they finally set up a second chance...I was there.this was way back in october 2014.I or my attorneys still have not recived a copy of that report ..and when I spoke to the isurance adjuster handling my claime...he said they had to send it back for updates!!!!!! What ever that means????? We have still yet to see the report as of the preasent 3/15.we assume it must of favored me ,thus the insurance company resume my t.t.d. my understanding we submitted a demand letter some time ago , when I stooped treatkng to a point...that being I wasn't gojng to gave any kind of surgery anytime soon.....for now.somewere in the future could be very well possible and there was no more thearapy that would help my as far as tratment I'm like I said we put in our demand and havnt heard from them at attorny has spoken to there attorny witch informed us thell be throwing an offer our way soon but that was 4 months attorney finnally filled a 19-b motion and we have a trail date coming question is solid is my case and what to expect at trail?????? Also I forrgot to mention...I had a I.d.o.t. full phisical exame prior to me getting hired as part of my requierment before they would hire me.passed with flying colors!!!!! I'm a truck driver by nature.its really all I ever wanted to do in life , as far as work goes.why the hold up on tbe otherside?????? Now my other knee us starting to bother me , to were I had to go to the emergancy room the night before.I thoght the idea was to get me all better........not jerk me around!!!!!!! Like I asked what am I to expect from this point on????? And wat to expect from this trail day????.

WE REPLY: There is no way for us to tell you how solid your case is without seeing your medical reports. If you want to discuss that, please call us.

tonya - March 12, 2015 7:05 PM

How long does it take to get a workers comp final settlement after the w/c doctors submitted his final report to the claim adjuster? (Its been two weeks)

WE REPLY: It doesn't work that way. They don't have to offer anything and if they do, it won't be fair as they'll go off the AMA ratings. If you want our help give us a call. You'll almost always end up with more money with an attorney than without one and usually faster too.

bobeoi - March 17, 2015 10:42 AM

I have work comp trial date for Monday.talked to my att yesterday and their going in today to make offer before trial. My I developed dequervians tendonitis from using a pneumatic air tool at work June 2013 was not diagnosed till sept 2013 that's when I hired attorney. Was off work with therapy from Dec to march their doctor did testify that injury was work related but if I had chance for it to recur if I did heavy work with hand. I assumed that in settlement I could hold them responsibly for med treatment if this recurs. But attorny says no if I go work for a different contractor and have issues its another work comp claim. If that happens then can't they say she was previously injured and deny that?

WE REPLY: If you have been treatment and symptom free for a while, it would likely be a new case. No guarantees of course.

janniet - March 17, 2015 11:54 PM

Hi my name is janniet I have a workers comp case and its already been settled and approved by the judge its been over a month now and when I call my attorney he always sends me to voicemail it's like he is avoiding me and I'm getting worried. What do I do and who am I supposed to talk to.

WE REPLY: If I were you I'd go down to his office and wait for him. That's not acceptable.

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