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Our Settlements From 2017 Should Not Impress You

That’s right, I’m telling you don’t be impressed by the work we’ve done.  Here are some of the settlements we’ve gotten this year on cases we’ve been a part of: $300,000.00 for man who severely tore his rotator cuff $48,000.00 for client with torn Achilles tendon that required surgery $627.11 per week for life for … Continue Reading

Can I Get A Payout For My Case?

You can get three things from any Illinois workers’ compensation case, but the insurance company only has to give you two of them. If you are hurt while performing your job duties, they have to pay for 100% of your medical care.  No co-pays, no out of pocket expenses as long as the treatment is … Continue Reading

Injured at work? Stay off social media

I’ve been a lawyer for about 20 years so I’m young enough to be hungry and aggressive, but old enough to not understand why anyone would want to post on Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram.  I don’t do Facebook, but get why some people might be interested in it. This isn’t a post to preach or … Continue Reading

Moving To Chicago, Can You Bring Your Case Here?

A very nice California woman called me and was hoping to hire my office for an Illinois workers’ compensation claim.  She was very clearly hurt at work and her injury is very serious. She was also nice and honest and would make a great client.  But I had to turn her down. Unfortunately she was … Continue Reading

What You Should Get Paid When You Work Two Jobs

While unemployment is down, many people are working two jobs to make ends meet.  For most people that means one full time job and one part time job, but we do talk to many injured workers who actually work two full time jobs. Whatever your situation is, there is one VERY important thing you must … Continue Reading

Illinois Work Injuries On Christmas

If you call our office today (312-346-5578), you’ll get the phone answered by our answering service. They will immediately page us and we’ll call you right back.  If you fill out the form to the right, we’ll get it within minutes and then contact you ASAP. The point is that we are open 24/7, 365 … Continue Reading

“How Do I Know What My Case Is Worth?”

I get the question, “How do I know what my case is worth?” from callers about once a week and it’s a fair and reasonable question.  Some are injured Illinois workers who have a settlement offer, but don’t trust their lawyer and want to know if the settlement their attorney is recommending is a good … Continue Reading

When Your Lawyer Won’t Fight For You

In most Illinois workers’ compensation cases, if you have a surgery your case is worth more money.  It’s not always true, but it usually is a good indicator that your injury was very serious. As an injured worker, there is a law in Illinois which says you can not be forced to have a surgery.  … Continue Reading