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Sick Building Syndrome and Illinois Work Comp

Is your workplace making you sick, literally? We all have those days were the white lights and glare of the computer monitor just physically drains our bodies.  That’s not likely a compensable work related injury.  But what if something about the building you work in is causing you problems? Sick building syndrome is a real … Continue Reading

IL work comp – when your boots cause an injury

We’ve blogged before about injuries from having to wear certain footwear (e.g. steel toed boots, high heels) that causes a problem.  We’ve also talked about the fact that while the general act of standing or walking at work isn’t a case, it can be if exceptions are met.  This includes having to walk long distances … Continue Reading

Illinois Workers’ Compensation and Labrum Tears

I’ve torn my rotator cuff and hurt my back.  I’m all better now.  Being a runner, I worry about hurting my back again, an Achilles injury and very painful labrum tears.  Let’s talk about that one and how it relates to Illinois workers’ comp. Labrum tears happen in the shoulder and the hip. In the … Continue Reading

How To Win A Repetitive Trauma Typing Case

We are Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers. We’ve created an Illinois wide network of tough, experienced attorneys who will fight for you.  If you need a lawyer or just have questions call us at (312) 346-5578 or fill out the form to the right. It’s free to contact us and we help everywhere in Illinois. Repetitive … Continue Reading

Concussions and Illinois Work Injuries

My guess is that if you watch sports, play sports or have a kid who plays sports you have thought about concussions at some point in the last year.  It’s all over the news.  Not just football, but soccer, wrestling, basketball, cheer-leading and many other activities. We’ve come to understand that a concussion isn’t a … Continue Reading

Occupational Therapy And Illinois Workers Compensation

Sometimes the more important question a doctor should be asking is “What matters to you” opposed to “What is the matter with you”. That is where occupational therapy comes in to a comprehensive treatment plan after you have been injured on the job in Illinois.  While most doctors will focus on healing the injury itself, … Continue Reading

Intersection Syndrome & Illinois Work Comp

Overuse and injury may cause some major issues with your body when you have a physical job or one that is repetitive in nature. One of those injuries could be intersection syndrome. This syndrome is typically diagnosed due to overuse or physical activities that require large amounts of forearm use. Some common physical actions that … Continue Reading

Work Comp Benefits For Catastrophic Injuries

I’ve had the pleasure of representing a great guy who had a terrible injuries.  Due to a fall he became paralyzed from the waist down at a really young age.  He’s a role model for how to deal with such a serious injury and I’m not sure that I could come close to living the … Continue Reading

When A Gun Is Pointed At Your Head At Work

Maybe it’s because we are in Chicago and gun crimes have been out of control here for the last year, but I’ve noticed a large uptick in calls from people who sadly were robbed at gunpoint while on the job. I can’t imagine how terrifying that must be. Following this happening you could experience a … Continue Reading

Another Preexisting Condition Victory

In a case recently decided by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, it was again shown that a preexisting condition does not mean you can not get benefits. In this case, a housekeeper at a Chicago hospital had to dust, vacuum and take out the trash among other duties.  On the date she got hurt, her … Continue Reading

When You Have A Mental Stress Injury in Illinois

Generally speaking, most mental stress cases are not covered under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. If your boss is a jerk who yells and screams or you have to work long hours or your co-workers are mean to you or you feel a lot of pressure, that is unfair, but typically not a case.  The … Continue Reading

Illinois Nurse Injuries

We have had the privilege of working with and talking to thousands of nurses, CNA’s and other medical professionals over the years. The most common call we get is from a nurse who assisted in lifting a heavy or immobile patient and injured his/her back.  Handling that case isn’t much different than helping a factory … Continue Reading

Illinois Slip and Fall Accidents at Work

Sadly, before we know it, snow and ice will be on the ground and you will hear about many people slipping and falling with some getting injured. Hopefully that does not happen to you. For workers in Illinois, slip and fall accidents are a year round occurrence.  Every week we get called from someone who … Continue Reading

Rhabdomyolysis and Illinois Workers’ Compensation

90% of the cases an Illinois work comp attorney will see have common injuries.  Carpal tunnel, herniated discs, torn rotator cuffs, knee injuries, etc.  But one in ten or so have more unique injuries and if your lawyer doesn’t know much about that type of problem and doesn’t have a history of handling similar claims, … Continue Reading

Kyphoplasty and Illinois Work Injuries

Did you fall at work or get in an accident and now your back is hurting? You may have a compression fracture. A compression fracture can cause minor back pain that leads to chronic pain, deformity, loss of height, and many other lifelong issues. Typically, these fractures only produce damage to the front of the … Continue Reading

Is Your Doctor Board Certified?

I tell people all of the time that if you want to have a successful Illinois workers’ compensation case, there can be nobody who cares about what happens to the case more than you.  That doesn’t mean that you need to obsess about it.  What it does mean is that you have to be invested … Continue Reading