Illinois workers compensation laws update on martime workers

There is a Federal law that says if you work on water on a ship, barge, etc. that you have to file what is called a Longshoreman Harbor Workers' Compensation Act case if you are hurt on the job.  The problem with that is that you lose the benefits of the Illinois workers' compensation system that is great for injured workers.

A new case has changed how workers on water can pursue their injuries.  If your are on a barge or boat that doesn't move at all or is primarily land base, the Illinois Appellate Court has ruled that you are eligible to file for either Longshoreman's benefits or regular Illinois workers' compensation benefits.

The appeals court said that the plant barge was simile to a floating dock permanently affixed to the shore — a structure traditionally considered as an extension of land. The court found that the plaintiff was injured on a land-based structure and that therefore, the award of workers' compensation to the claim was appropriate.

If you are working on a barge or a boat that doesn't move or actually have an injury on land, make sure that you explore all of your possible options.

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