"Who is the best RSD lawyer in Illinois?"

We get a question like this a lot and received this question very recently.  It's an easy answer.  There is no such thing as the "best."

The right workers' compensation attorney for you may not be the right lawyer for your neighbor or someone that lives/works three hours away from you. 

In figuring out who is best for you, we think of the following:

-Who will be the Arbitrator?

-What is your injury?

-Are there unique facts about your case such as questions as to whether or not you are an independent contractor?

-Is your case likely to go to trial?

-Is there a certain personality trait in an attorney that would be good for you?

-Do you need anything special like a foreign language speaker?

-How urgent is your case (e.g. have your benefits been cut off)?

There is no one right answer.  For example, if your benefits have been cut off, hiring a one attorney law firm where the lawyer is about to go on vacation would not be a good idea.  You have to think about what is best for you and what is really unique about your problem.

All that said, the two main things to look for in our opinion are what percentage of the lawyer's time is spent on workers compensation cases and how much experience do they have with your type of injury?

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