Writing that title actually makes me feel odd because it comes off as if we are encouraging someone to file a case.  We only take legitimate cases with serious injuries that are backed up by medical evidence.  We also follow case law updates and use the law to help our clients.

One case from a few years back found that someone who had worked a repetitive nature job for just a couple of days and developed carpal tunnel was entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation benefits.  Her doctor said that the new job activities aggravated a pre-existing condition.  Under Illinois law that is the standard to be met for proving a case.

While you can expect that if you allege an injury on the first week of the job that the insurance company and/or employer will fight you, if it’s a legitimate injury supported by your doctor, we will fight back on your behalf.

We are workers’ compensation attorneys that help people with Illinois work injuries anywhere in IL via our statewide network of attorneys.  Contact us and we will answer your questions or find the right lawyer for your situation.