We tell anyone that contacts us that nothing is more important than your health and we truly believe that.  We’d rather have a client that makes a good recovery than a client with a long term injury that is worth more money to us.  We take no pride in handing over a check to a client that will be in life long pain.

We don’t offer much medical advice because we are not doctors.  One piece of advice we will give is that you should hire a doctor that gives you the best chance of a good outcome.  And yes, we mean hire a doctor.  They should work for you.

We feel that you get the best chance of success by getting a doctor that is narrowly focused in their practice.  In other words, lots of orthopedic doctors operate on multiple body parts, but if you are having back surgery, we suggest that you get a surgeon that primarily operates on the spine.  It’s not that a doctor who operates on the back, legs, arms, etc. can’t do a good job; rather we think a real specialist gives you the best opportunity.

Don’t hesitate to look around for the right doctor just like you would/should for an attorney.

We are workers’ compensation attorneys that help people with Illinois work injuries anywhere in IL via our statewide network of attorneys.  Contact us and we will answer your questions or find the right lawyer for your situation.