We’ve blogged on it before, but I’d like to offer a different spin.  The number 1 question we get is "What’s my case worth?"  You can search our site to see the other posts, but I’ve left something important out.  Three things actually:

1. What an Illinois workers’ compensation claim is worth can depend on the Arbitrator that the claim is assigned to.  Some Arbitrators are very worker friendly and others seem to favor the employers.  So in some similar cases we can get more money for a client than the case might be worth in front of another Arbitrator.  Outside of Chicago, we know who the Arbitrator will be before we file the case so that does help in predicting the result once we have seen the medical records.

2. When a case is settled, it’s not typically settled for what it would go for if you won at trial.  Settling is a compromise.   Sometimes you actually get more than you could get at trial because you are closing out your medical rights if you settle.  Other times you get less.  This needs to be considered when making settlement demands because . . .

3. The range of what a case is worth can be all over the board.  If you break your finger the range isn’t huge if you have a good recovery, but on major injuries or when you might need more medical treatment, the range can be huge.  For example, we recently were involved in a case that settled for $220,000.00.  We obtained this settlement because we proved that if we went to trial our client would likely get wage differential.  That said, there was a chance we could have lost.  We determined that the range of a settlement was between $75,000 and $230,000.  We didn’t get every last penny, but boy did we come close.  Had that client not had an attorney they certainly would have been at the low end of the range.  Most cases are like that and you can bet your bottom that the insurance company is always targeting the low end of the range.  Remember, they make money by saving money.  Period.

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