A reader asks:

Currently I am on workmens comp for a back injury and leg injury and have been receiving ttd.I have an attorney on this case but need some clarification from someone else about this matter.The insurance company has assigned a work rehab company to me to find employment. My place of employment has done a involuntary terminated my job. My question is when I am applying for jobs and the section for leaving last place of employment I put down injured on job,workmens
comp injury or involuntary termination due to injury my rehab company insist that I cannot put those reasons down  but lie and write down looking for a less strenuous position or changing jobs. Also when putting down a salary do not put one in and don’t put in a traveling distance. If I don’t follow there rules they report to the insurance carrier that I am not cooperating with them by because I don’t want to lie on applications.What is case law about falsifying job application?

This is a simple one.  Never, ever lie.  You cooperate in any way you can with finding a new job, but you don’t lie on an application or in an interview.  If you do, it helps the insurance company, but not you and it’s wrong.   What happens when down the road you love this new job and then get fired  because they found out about the lie?  You are screwed, that’s what happens.

If you go to trial at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission over this issue, I don’t believe that any Arbitrator is going to punish an injured worker who refuses to lie.  If you show up a mess to an interview or act unprofessional that is one thing.  But not lying about having been hurt is something completely different.  And quite honestly, it can help sell you.  e.g. "I have been out of work for a year because I had a job injury.  It’s killing me because I’ve worked all of my life and love to do so.  I’m just chomping at the bit to get back."  That is the type of advice of voc rehab counselor should be giving.

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