When you’re injured at work, and want to receive workers’ compensation benefits from your employer, how much control do you have over your medical visits?  Many people fear that if they receive the benefits they are entitled to by their employer, they give up some of their rights to choice and to privacy with their doctors.  This should not be the case.


After your injury, Illinois workers’ compensation law guarantees you the right to:


·         choose your own doctor or hospital

·         receive emergency or first aid care at a facility you choose

·         visit your provider without paying a co-pay or other out-of-pocket expense

·         speak with your doctors freely without fear that your privacy is lost.



Your employer will need to know the name and address of the doctor or hospital you choose.  And you will need to give enough information and documentation for your employer to know that your injury is a valid work-related injury.  However, that does not mean that your records become an open book to your employer.  Nor does that mean that your employer has access to speak with your doctors and nurses.


The laws are there to protect your medical and privacy rights, while still allowing you to receive medical benefits.  The laws also help to protect your relationship with your employer by ensuring that you cannot be pressured to give up any of your rights.  In this troubled economy, no one wants to fear losing their job, and certainly not because of an injury that occurred because of the job.  Illinois law provides that protection; all you have to do is exercise the rights you have.


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