For the majority of workers’ compensation claims, there is no set settlement amount. This is why it’s so hard for attorneys to answer the question: “What is my case worth?” We get asked that all the time but there are simply too many factors. We’ll probably be able to give you a range, but it’s going to be very broad.

Some cases do have a set settlement amount. These include specific injuries, such as loss of a body part and a full return to work. But most of the time it depends on a variety of factors, along with the ability of your attorney to negotiate with the insurance company or present your case at trial.

The insurance company might try to discourage you from hiring an attorney by telling you that you don’t need an attorney, or that an attorney will “take it all,” or even that settlement amounts are set so you don’t need to bother hiring a lawyer.

Workers’ compensation attorneys charge 20% of what they get for you in settlement. What the insurance company doesn’t tell you is that they are going to offer you a lot less if you don’t have an attorney and that hiring an attorney for a workers’ compensation claim often pays for itself. As for pre-set settlement amounts, it’s simply not true, unless you’re in that small category of injuries.

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