Plantar fasciitis is a type of heel injury. The cushion can get injured or wear down. A common question from workers who develop this condition is: How do I know if my heel pain was caused by my job?

If your heel injury was caused by a single accident or fall, and it happened while you were working, then it’s likely covered. The trickier case is when your heel pain is caused by excessive use. If your job requires you to walk an excessive amount, or if you have to walk on uneven surfaces or wear specific shoes that caused the problem, then you are likely eligible for benefits.

On the other hand, simply standing to do your job is not enough, even if it did cause pain in your heel or foot. In order to get workers’ compensation benefits, you need to show that your job put you at a greater risk for the injury.

Plantar fasciitis also can be caused by age, obesity and diabetes. In these situations, your injury would still be covered if your job aggravated or accelerated the condition. If not, then it’s probably not considered work related.

Each case is different, but foot problems can last years, if not forever. Surgery is sometimes required. It’s possible that you may not be able to do your old job anymore. It’s especially important to file a claim and pursue benefits in these cases. Illinois law protects you and says that you are entitled to medical coverage, as well as compensation if you have to miss work (or can’t return to work) due to your injury.

Finally, consider hiring an attorney. You will get plenty of advice from your employer and their insurance company, but ultimately, they are going to be more worried about their bottom line than about your health.

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