Monthly Archives: September 2011

Lawyer fees and Illinois work injuries

 We recently received a call from a woman who is looking for an Evanston workers’ compensation attorney.  She was very nervous on the phone as she had never spoken to a lawyer before.  I get that, but sometimes it makes me feel like an animal at the zoo.  We are no different than your friends … Continue Reading

New law limits your choice of doctors

The new Illinois workers’ compensation laws include a pretty big change in how injured workers choose their doctors. Under the old law, an injured worker was entitled to two choices of doctors. Each choice included any additional health care providers that your doctor referred you to (surgeons, specialists, therapists). This is known as a chain … Continue Reading

Remembering 9-11-01

Life really was different before 9-11-01.  Just a couple years before that day, I remember showing up to O’Hare for a flight having lost my paper ticket and not having ID on me (don’t worry, that little tid bit has nothing to do with how I handle cases :)).  Of course I was able to … Continue Reading

Work injury, then injured again…who pays?

Sometimes a situation that starts our clear can end up muddy.  You are injured at work.  Workers’ compensation is providing you benefits while you are out of work and going through medical treatment to recover.  But then…another non-work incident happens which affects your work injury.  The question arises:  will workers’ compensation continue to cover your … Continue Reading

Some employers are just scumbags

Most employers are normal people like you and me.  But every now and then you come across one that makes you question how they look themselves in the mirror every day. Long story short is a downstate painting company hired a college kid for cash and provided him no job training.  He ends up on … Continue Reading

You are probably not that unusual

We are representing someone who hurt their neck and called us for a Glenview workers’ compensation attorney.  She was very panicked at the initial call because she felt her case was unique. Every case is unique in that no two cases are exactly alike, but it’s only once in a blue moon that we hear … Continue Reading

A New One For Me

So the other day I got a call from a woman who was looking for help in regards to the torn rotator cuff she sustained from a job injury in Chicago.  It was a pretty typical call in terms of her describing the accident, how she was sent to an IME doctor and the disagreement she … Continue Reading