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Getting Started with a Lawyer

No doubt being injured on the job and unable to work like you did before is stressful.  You’ve got medical bills to pay and a future to plan.  But approaching your workers’ compensation case like you’re nervous or anxious can be a mistake. Frequently clients feel that they change their course if they take down … Continue Reading

New Arbitrator Assignments

  Fresh off the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission website:   Arbitration assignments announced The calls of former arbitrators will be handled as follows: Former arbitrator Hearing Site November Arbitrator December Arbitrator January Arbitrator DeVriendt Chicago Mason Mason Mason Galicia Chicago Kane Black eliminated; all cases reassigned Giordano Peoria Granada Luskin See below. Hagan Chicago Pulia/Doherty … Continue Reading

Work Injury Laws and Traveling Employees

If you are hurt while traveling for work, you may receive benefits under the state’s workers’ compensation law, which includes compensation for medical expenses as well as lost wages and other costs. Travel can mean driving from the office to a client site 15 minutes away or flying to another state for business. Your daily … Continue Reading

Popcorn Lung Lawyers

Workers who have been exposed to the chemical Diacetyl, which is used to increase butter flavor and taste in products and is largely found in microwave popcorn, may be at risk for the disease known as Popcorn Lung. Popcorn Lung, or Popcorn Workers’ Lung, is a disease where the bronchioles (small airway branches) are plugged … Continue Reading

What Happens in a Typical Work Injury Case?

Although every workers compensation case is different, below is a list of the typical process involved in Illinois. Step 1: Worker is injured. Injury can either occur instantly during a specific accident, or it can be realized over time from repetitive trauma. Step 2: Worker notifies his or her employer. Workers are encouraged to notify … Continue Reading

Work Related Injuries

In Illinois, injured workers can receive workers compensation benefits for a variety of injuries. Just because you were hurt at the job in Illinois does not mean that you will receive workman’s compensation benefits. Below are some examples of injuries that are covered by Illinois workers compensation laws. Repetitive Trauma Workers can recover benefits for … Continue Reading

Hurt While Helping a Coworker

Reaching out to help a coworker in need is admirable, but if you are injured while doing it, you may not be covered under Illinois Workers’ Compensation.  A recent case involving two coworkers on a lunch break highlighted that situation. The two went out to a local restaurant for lunch while on a break from … Continue Reading

The Trauma of Being Terminated is Not a Work Injury

It’s hard to imagine an event more related to work than the moment you find out you are losing your job.  But recently the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Commission decided against a police officer who was injured when she fainted after being surprised by her termination.  The officer’s firing had apparently come without warning.  When she … Continue Reading

Another Accident…Does it Stop Your Benefits?

Sometimes bad luck can turn to worse luck.   You’ve had a work injury and you’re undergoing treatment to try to make a full recovery.  In the meantime, you have another accident which is not related to work, and now you’re in more pain than before.  Does this second accident disrupt your future workers’ compensation benefits? … Continue Reading

Prepayment for Independent Medical Evaluation Expenses

Insurance companies are allowed under Illinois workers’ compensation rules, to send injured workers for an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME).  This may happen when you are receiving benefits for your injury and the insurance company wants to have another medical opinion about your injuries, your treatment, and the compensation for your injuries. Even though you are … Continue Reading