We get a lot of calls about carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), along with questions about finding the “best” attorney for this particular work injury. The answer is that we don’t believe that there is a single “best” attorney for CTS, or for any injury for that matter. It’s a title that doesn’t mean much, given the unique nature of each case and the individual strengths of each attorney. More important is looking at the big picture and knowing if an attorney is the best one to handle your particular carpal tunnel claim.

Here are some things to consider:

– Experience. You want an attorney who not only has many years of experience in workers’ compensation cases, but many years of experience in carpal tunnel and other repetitive stress injury cases.
– Practice focus. You want an attorney who handles mostly workers’ compensation cases, so you’ll want to ask what percentage of their practice is devoted to this area.

Experience and focus are the two most important things to start with. Other important things we will ask or find out include:

–    Which arbitrator will hear your case
–    Whether there are unique aspects to your case, such as whether your employer is claiming you are an independent contractor and not eligible for benefits
–    If your case is likely to go to trial
–    If you prefer, or would be better matched with, an attorney with particular personality traits
–    If you need anything specific, such as an attorney who speaks another language
–    The urgency of your claim, especially if your benefits have been cut off or are in dispute

Only after really listening to your situation can we give our opinion on the best attorney for your CTS injury.

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By Michael Helfand