The biggest reason that we get calls from people who already have an attorney on their case is because the attorney isn’t doing anything for them.  While there are a ton of outstanding workers’ compensation attorneys in Illinois, some are lazy or don’t really handle work comp.  So when things go wrong they usually bail on you.
I recently got a call from a nice person who had a well known and crappy attorney.  He’s the type of lawyer where you wonder how he ever even gets clients because he’s sloppy, disorganized and couldn’t possibly have current clients recommend him.  The caller had a good injury, but had his TTD benefits stop without explanation.  The attorney told him that there was nothing that could be done.
We looked in to this and had assumed that it was just the lawyer being lazy.  In this case, it wasn’t.  The problem was that the employer was insured by a company called Ulico.  They went bankrupt so for now they aren’t paying any of the claims that they are responsible for.  If it makes you feel any better, their defense attorneys also aren’t getting their bills paid.
Right now everything is stuck in the bankruptcy court.  Eventually these cases will be turned over to the Illinois Insurance Guarantee Fund which is a safety net for the public when insurance companies go under.  But from what we are hearing, it won’t be until the end of the year at the latest that they take over these cases and even then, they will have so much to catch up on that some cases will still sit for a bit unless you have a very aggressive lawyer or a law firm that knows people at the Guarantee Fund.
So unfortunately there isn’t anything these workers can do for now.  And there’s nothing the lawyers can do either.  But it would be a great idea for them to get a lawyer that has experience dealing with the Fund when they take over.  Otherwise you might see your co-workers getting paid while you are still waiting.  When we hear more about this issue developing we will post it to our blog.


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By Michael Helfand