These two e-mails came in to our office within 15 minutes of each other.  Both of these guys are workers in the Chicago area.


First we got this:


I started work as an assembler but they started moving me around to different jobs so they moved me to a machine operator with no raise, I was running the machine by myself even though it is a 3 man job, I was sealing, stacking, filling boxes and running the machine by myself but I had a sharp pain shoot through my lower back then my right leg and aside went numb so I went to 3 doctors that the job sent me to and they told me that I have a herniated disc. But they sent me to another doctor he didn’t’t even look at me he just said that he didn’t’t see anything wrong so he put me back on full duty and that reinjured my back but they stopped my workers compensation and now I just lost my place so i have no where to go.


And then we got this:


I injured my hip and back, lifting 60lb boxes. After initial interview I was told my case was covered by workmens Comp. after more treatment was needed I was notified that my case was no longer covered under workmans Comp.


They were both basically asking, “How is it possible that I got hurt while working and my case isn’t covered?”  The answer is simple.  Insurance companies have a goal of not paying or minimizing the costs of cases they have to pay on.  So what they’ll do is deny a case for payment without any valid reason.  Most injured workers are smart enough to call an attorney, but some will just give up because they don’t know their rights or are just too frustrated.  Others don’t do anything because they think that they need money for an attorney (which they don’t).


Clearly the first one saw a hack IME doctor that denied his problems so he can keep getting referrals from the insurance company and make a ton of money. To deny that there is any problem when the MRI shows a herniated disc is beyond ridiculous and is probably just plain corrupt. The second denial seems more like a Hail Mary attempt to frustrate the worker which probably happened after they got a read on his personality.  They really had nothing to lose because if it works even one out of ten times they’ll save a bunch of money.


The solution if this happens to you is not to panic.  Just find an experienced attorney to get your case filed with a motion for benefits right away.  It sucks if you are forced to go that route, but it’s no where near as bad as not getting the medical care you need or benefits that you are entitled to because some insurance adjuster is messing with your life and health.

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By Michael Helfand