Sometimes, you just don’t have a good case. That can be frustrating. But what’s frustrating for us is when we see someone who has a legitimate injury caused by their job (a good case) but they’re not going after their benefits.

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, and we totally get that the law (including the workers’ compensation system) can overwhelming. But why not do what you can to get the benefits that the law says you get? Here’s what we wish we could tell every Illinois worker, as soon as they’re injured.

Go to the doctor. If you are injured, or even if you just think you might be injured, go see your doctor. This is one of the most important tips out there.

Tell your employer. Illinois law says that you have 45 days to tell your employer about a work injury. If you don’t inform your employer, the insurance company is going to use that as a way to try and deny your claim.

Don’t listen to advice from insurance company. Their goal is to make your claim go away, or at the very least to make it worth less. So don’t rely on their advice. If you have questions about how things work, talk to an Illinois attorney.

Tell the truth. When you meet with your doctor, or your attorney, don’t downplay your injury and don’t exaggerate either. These things have a way of coming out, especially when the insurance company looks for a way to deny your claim or refuse to pay benefits.

Nothing will guarantee you benefits, but doing these things can put you on the right path. And if you need an attorney, get an experienced one. It won’t cost you any more than hiring someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

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By Michael Helfand