As long as you meet the main requirement of getting a work-related injury, then you should be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in Illinois, even if you only work part time. In Illinois, injured workers are entitled to payment of 2/3 of lost wages, meaning that if you are unable to work, you will get checks for 2/3 of your weekly pay. You also are entitled to coverage of related medical expenses.

You must be a part time employee, rather than an independent contractor. Independent contractors are not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Just make sure your employer is correctly labeling you. Sometimes employers use the term “independent contractor” because it’s easier and saves them some money, but the law might see it differently. The law says that if your employer has a lot of control over your work and your schedule, then you are more likely to be considered an employee.

If your part-time job is your second job, you’re still eligible if you get hurt. In fact, if you get hurt at one job, and you can’t work at either as a result, your payments for lost wages (temporary total disability payments) should be 2/3 of your combined pay. The catch is that your employer at the job where you were injured must have known about your other job.

We try to explain things in a way that makes sense, but if you have questions about Illinois workers’ compensation for part-time employees, feel free to give us a call.

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By Michael Helfand