We have long believed that the way college athletes are treated makes them employees under the law.  The University has a “right of control” over you in that they and the NCAA have limited your ability to earn outside income, tell you where to go, what to do and if they don’t like how you are doing it, even if you have great grades, they can fire you by taking away your scholarship.
The National Labor Relations Board seems to agree with me in that they are allowing Northwestern University football players to unionize.
If athletes are really employees then they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits and protection too.  That means no more worrying about who will pay for your surgery if you get injured.  That means that if you lose your scholarship because you are too hurt to play, you should be compensated.  And if you suffer any permanent injury, just like any other worker, you are entitled to a settlement for the extent of your injuries.
We are looking to talk to any college athlete who has been hurt while participating in their sport, preferably in the last three years.  You must either go to an Illinois school or have been injured while playing in Illinois.  So if a basketball player from New York got hurt in a game at DePaul or Bradley or anywhere else in IL, we can help them too.  And if you go to college here, but got hurt somewhere else, we can protect your rights as well.
Call us at (312) 346-5578 or click the contact us link above if you’d like to discuss the possibilities.  There is no cost to you and we only get paid if we are successful.  Please note that there are time limits for pursuing these cases and any delay could cause you to lose your rights forever.

By Michael Helfand