Even though the law in Illinois clearly says that individuals with work-related injuries are entitled to payment of their medical bills and checks for lost wages, the truth is that it’s not enough. On the other side are big insurance companies that constantly, and expertly, work against you to prevent you from collecting benefits. Our lawyers have worked on both sides – for insurance companies and individual workers – and seen it for themselves. The system is unfair.

We much prefer to fight for injured employees who desperately need money to support themselves and their families. Not the insurance companies who try to take that all away. There is very little job satisfaction that comes with saving a few bucks for a multi-billion-dollar corporation, all at the expense of real people.

That said there is some benefit to be gained from working for an insurance company in the past. We know how they operate. We can apply that information to the cases of our clients and protect you from their underhanded attempts to ruin your claim. We know which cases they’re likely to use surveillance on, what they’ll ask you on the phone to try and get you to say something harmful to your case, and how they’ll try to get involved with your medical treatment so they can try to steer it in a direction that benefits their bottom line.

Our goals are the opposite. We understand you need to get better, get back to work if possible, and remain financially stable during the entire ordeal. You might be supporting a family or dealing with additional pressures in your life. If you get hurt working for your employer, you are entitled to get help with your recovery.

The reality is that you need an experienced lawyer in order to be on equal footing with the insurance company. Specifically, it’s an advantage at times to have a lawyer who has worked for the insurance companies or who has been doing workers’ compensation law long enough to know the game.

At the end of the day though, helping a regular person is way more rewarding than help a faceless corporation screw someone over.

By Michael Helfand