The biggest reason why we don’t represent liars is because it’s simply the right thing to do. It’s also because we value our reputation among arbitrators and insurance companies, as well as our relationship with our existing and future clients.

We aren’t just saying this. We’ve actually refused to take on clients, and even fired clients, because there was a serious issue of trust and honesty. A common example is exaggerating an injury. If you are filing a claim in the hopes of getting a windfall of money, it’s highly unlikely that you will succeed. No lawyer in our network would help you do so. If you find a lawyer willing to go along with your story, then you should question what that says about them.

An attorney who is known for filing claims without merit, or representing shady characters, is going to be known as untrustworthy themselves. The arbitrators, who are the judges in workers’ compensation cases, probably won’t have much respect for you. And the working relationship an attorney has with an arbitrator is an important thing. Trust and respect go a long way and those relationships help or hurt the clients.

We also respect our existing clients too much to put that all at risk by taking on a client who is dishonest or untrustworthy. Our reputation in the legal field affects our clients. It can even affect the way the insurance company deals with us and our clients’ cases.

This brings up a similar issue, which is that we won’t take your case if it doesn’t have any basis in the law. We aren’t saying it’s your fault, but sometimes the law isn’t on your side. Illinois is known for being fairly worker-friendly when it comes to this area of law. We want to help everyone we can. But sometimes it’s just too late, or there isn’t a case because the facts aren’t there. It’s our policy to tell you the truth about whether you have a case worth pursuing. And if we tell you that you don’t have a good case, we mean it.

Just like we won’t represent someone dishonest, we aren’t going to bring a case that isn’t valid. It’s not in your best interest or ours. You’ll likely get the same answer from the majority of workers’ compensation lawyers you call. Maybe you’ll eventually find someone who will take your claim, but maybe they’re desperate for clients or afraid to tell you that you don’t have a case.

The vast majority of injured workers we speak with and help, and those we represent, are honest hard-working people. They deserve the benefits that they’re entitled to under Illinois law, and we truly enjoy our job of helping them get help and get back to work.