We are a unique Illinois workers’ compensation law firm in that we’ve created a statewide network of like minded attorneys that fight for their clients and get good results.  This doesn’t guarantee you anything, but having someone experienced in your corner can only help.
If you already have a lawyer and it’s not going well, we’ll talk to you about why and hopefully help you salvage that relationship.  If you need to switch law firms, that happens all of the time and we’ll talk to you about taking over the case.
When you do switch, it should be to get the case on the right track and have confidence that you are giving yourself the best chance for a good result.
I was recently talking to a downstate lawyer we work with.  He had settled a case that we referred to him for approximately $150,000.00 which is a lot of money for a work injury.  When the client came to me, he had an attorney and his benefits had been denied.
The attorney that took over the case told me that there was nothing wrong with the client or the case. “Sometimes they just have a bad attorney” he said to me.  That sounds so simple to say, but is so true.
If you do have representation that doesn’t know what they are doing, the insurance company will walk all over them.  If they are just lazy, they’ll never put the work in that’s needed to get you the result you deserve.  Most attorneys in Illinois do a good enough job in my opinion, but some of course do not.
You can’t know if you’ve hired a bad one until you are working with them or more correctly stated, seeing them not work for you.  In this case, we and the worker were lucky that he came to us before it was too late.
The bottom line is that if you do have a bad attorney then you need to get a good one.  Like I said, that doesn’t guarantee anything, but at least it gives you the best chance of winning.