TTD is shorthand for Temporary Total Disability. TTD benefits are what you receive if you are unable to work because of a job injury. It’s meant to partially replace your regular paychecks until you can get back to work.

The amount of TTD varies from person to person because it is based on your income. There’s also a waiting period before TTD begins, and certain things that can make you ineligible for benefits at all. All of these details are set by law in Illinois, which happens to be one of the better states for injured workers. (Note: You don’t have to live in Illinois in order to file a claim here. If you were hired here or if your company is based here, talk to an Illinois attorney about your options.)


Your TTD should be equal to 2/3 of your average weekly wage. Your average weekly wage is based on the 52 weeks prior to your injury. Overtime is included in some situations, especially if it was mandatory. If you work a second job, those wages can be included, as well, if your employer knew you had a second job. If you haven’t been at your job for 52 weeks, your average weekly wage can still be calculated. It will be based on the amount of time you have worked so far, or on what an employee in your job would normally make.


Employees are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits beginning on the first day of their job. The waiting period we mentioned applies to when your TTD benefits kick in after an injury. You can’t get TTD if you are out of work for just a couple of days. TTD benefits begin on the fourth calendar day after your injury. You should expect checks weekly or every other week. If you are out of work for 14 days, the law says you get TTD benefits for those first three days, retroactively.


You can’t simply decide that you are unable to work. Your doctor has to state that your injury prevents you from working. Get this in writing when you see your doctor. If your injury prevents you from doing only some things, your doctor will give you work restrictions. If your employer doesn’t have work for you that complies with your restrictions, then you are considered unable to work and you can receive TTD benefits.


If you have been waiting a long time for TTD benefits, or if your claim is denied or your benefits suddenly stopped, talk to an Illinois workers’ compensation attorney right away. We are experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in Chicago with a state wide network of attorneys all the way down to southern Illinois and everywhere in between.  We likely know the right lawyer for you and that attorney can file a trial motion with the arbitrator and hopefully get things sorted out in your favor.