The most flattering thing that ever happens to me is when someone calls or e-mails and tells me that they’ve been reading my blog for months or even years and that it has been a good source of information for them.

While we love to get new clients of course, the primary purpose of this blog is to be educational and help the general public get more information about their rights.  Sometimes this leads to e-mails from people that tell us we have provided information that their attorney won’t.  That makes me sad that they have an attorney who is delivering no customer service, but happy that we can help.

Recently I got a call from someone who said he’d been reading my site for more than four years! He was unhappy with his lawyer and just had some general questions.  He said that he wanted to call three years ago, but was worried that I’d be friends with his attorney.

Here are some things you should know about me:

1. ANY communication we have will be confidential.  I might share it with partners of mine in my state wide network, but that’s to help you and that is also confidential. I would never call your current attorney or your employer or anyone else without permission.

2. I’m happy to talk to anyone at any time.

3. You might not like what I have to say, but I’ll always be honest and direct with you.  I might be able to help, I might not. It may be too late by the time you get to me. But whatever the situation I’ll tell it to you straight and give a blunt and honest opinion.

So if you are just starting off a case due to a recent injury, have been dealing with the system for years or are somewhere in between, please know that we are happy to speak with you.  And if you are just stopping by to read so you can educate yourself, I appreciate it.