One of my favorite things to do on this blog is call out others for their bad behavior and outright lies. If the general public can be educated as to what’s true and what’s not then there is a better chance of justice occurring in the end.

I just got a call from a woman who was the recipient of a lie that used to be tossed around a lot, but I haven’t heard in a while. She slipped and fell at work in Chicago and broke her leg and ankle.  It was a job she had just recently started and was working part time.

She asked her boss if she qualifies for workers’ compensation benefits because she was still in her probationary period.  He at first was honest, letting her know that you can get work comp when you are still on probation.  But then he blatantly lied by saying, "You don’t get work comp benefits because you are part time."

Let me be crystal clear. Whether you work one hour a week or 100 hours a week, you are eligible for job injury benefits in Illinois.  Eligibility begins the second you start working.

No matter the situation, a good piece of legal advice is to never take legal advice from someone who has a competing interest with you. Your boss may be a great guy, but that doesn’t mean he wants you to have a workers’ comp claim.  The insurance company certainly isn’t looking out for you and your best interests.

Calling me or any other attorney is free and you can always ask a question by filling out our contact form too.  But never take the word of someone that has any motivation to not tell you the truth or isn’t an attorney.  Sometimes people mean well and don’t realize they are giving out bad information. Other times they are blatantly lying to try to screw you over.