I get questions all of the time and I’m happy to answer them whether that leads to us representing you or not.  You can always click the contact box at the top of the page to e-mail us or call at 312-346-5578.  We aren’t a stuffy law firm and if a lawyer is available, they’ll answer the phone.  If we are with clients, our receptionist will answer and usually we will call you back within 20 minutes or less.  And it’s all free and confidential.

Here are some great and common questions I’ve received over the last few months.

Who should I report my accident to?  I heard I only have 45 days to do so.  Should I wait?

All work related accidents have to be reported within 45 days of them happening or you lose your rights under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.  You should report the accident right away or it can look suspicious.  You don’t want to give the insurance company any reason to question your case.

As to who you should report the accident to, it should be any supervisor and it’s best if it’s in writing.  Again, you don’t want to create any possible defense to your case with a he said/she said situation.

I’m a part time worker.  Do I qualify for workers’ compensation benefits?

Yes.  Every employee is eligible from the moment they start working.

Do I have to pay taxes on my settlement?

No, all settlements are tax free because it’s considered income.

Why is there a new Arbitrator on my case?

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission rotates the Arbitrators.  So while month to month the Arbitrator will likely stay the same, if your case drags on for a couple of years, especially if your case isn’t in Chicago, it’s likely that the assigned Arbitrator will change.

What is your consultation fee?

It’s $0 and any lawyer who tries to charge you for a consult is a thief.  Our fees are set by state law and there should never be a consult fee, even for the worst lawyer in the world.  Also, beware firms that ask you for money to pay for expenses.  That’s often a terrible sign for the health of their firm or their knowledge of the law.  We advance all expenses and only get reimbursed if we win.

Am I crazy or did the insurance company pay off my attorney?

You are crazy, :).   This simply does not happen.  Even the scummiest attorneys wouldn’t do this and even if they would, no insurance company would do this because they’d be risking their entire business over one case.

I signed an agreement that says I’m an independent contractor.  Can I still file a case?

It depends if you are really an independent contractor or not.  Often they call you that, but if they have a right of control over you then you are likely an employee.  If that’s the situation then you can file for benefits.

I burned my face at work the other day.  How much is my case worth?

Like any other case, it depends on your ultimate recovery.  For burns, we have to wait a minimum of six months from the accident date before your case can be settled to see what type of scar develops.  Burns on faces can be worth a lot, but hopefully you make a great recovery.


I’ll post common questions every couple of months.  But if you ever want to talk about a case, do not hesitate to get in touch.