Our law firm is unique in that we have created a state wide network of like minded workers’ compensation attorneys in Illinois who fight for their clients.  Our goal is always to connect you with the best law firm for your case.

Sometimes injured workers come to us and we can’t help them. For example, the laws for Federal workers in Illinois are backwards and make no sense to us. We’ve yet to find a law firm who handles those cases.  If we recommend a lawyer to you that means we are putting our reputation on the line as we stand by our referrals and the value of our network.  We’d rather not make a recommendation at all than just give you a name.

It used to be the same problem when a railroad worker would call us for help.  Those employers are covered by something called the Federal Employees Liability Act or FELA.

I know very little about FELA law and the firms who we knew that were handling these cases didn’t do a great job with them.  So we chose not to recommend anyone for those cases.

But we’ve kept searching and have found a great law firm in Chicago for FELA cases.  They cover all of Illinois and other states too.  They have a great track record of many multi million dollar cases.

So while we focus our practice on helping regular employees, we want to help anyone that we can.  So if you are injured while working for a railroad, please call us.  We will try to point you in the right direction.