A caller to my office had a really serious injury while working for Caterpillar down in Peoria.  He wanted to hire my law firm to represent him.

As we were discussing the case he told me how much he liked me and said that he wish he didn’t have to go to Chicago to get an attorney who was competent.  I told him that instead he should let me refer him to someone local.

He replied, “Are there any good workers’ compensation lawyers in Peoria?”

The answer is yes.  There might not be a ton of top firms and certainly not as many as in Chicago, but that doesn’t mean there is nobody good.  And you don’t need to hire 10 firms, just one good one.

It ended up that I referred him to a lawyer in Peoria who I have great respect for and really fights for his clients.  This is why I created our state wide network of like minded attorneys.  While there are many attorneys you want to avoid, we make sure that no matter where you are injured, there is a competent – actually that’s the wrong word choice, let’s go with excellent – law firm that can protect you.

I work with good attorneys for any location in Illinois. We are a great starting point to ask questions, but if you just want to know who is best for your case, we’re happy to do that too.

While there are a lot of good lawyer jokes out there about too many attorneys existing, the good news is that it gives you a lot of choices.  While many of those choices are not good, you fortunately don’t have to settle for an average attorney.