Although I work for myself, I’ve had great employers in the past save my first law firm boss who was the classic entitled rich kid type who acted as if he created the firm that he inherited from his Dad.  But most places I’ve worked were run by good people and I believe my employees, many who have been with me for a long time, would tell you that I’m a good, fair boss.

Of the injured workers I talk to, most work at good places as well. Some are worried about what their employer will think and we make clear that we deal with the insurance companies.  Others though try to get their employees to lie and say that they weren’t hurt at work with fake promises that they’ll cover the bills.  That might work on a one time ER visit, but certainly won’t if you have surgery.  Still other employers will insist that their injured workers see their friend who is a doctor for medical treatment.  None of that is legal.

To me though, the worst employers in Illinois are temporary agencies.  By the nature of their work, they don’t really care about the relationship with the employees and having them stick around for a long time because day in and day out they aren’t dealing with you.  They are more concerned about the business where they placed you because that is where there money comes from.  It’s a bottom line world.

On a listserv I’m on, an injured worker reported a story that seems all too common with temp services in Illinois.  He reported a work injury and they immediately accused him of faking it.  They of course weren’t there when he was hurt because he doesn’t work at their facility.  He’s in physical therapy and a MRI has been recommended, but they are refusing to turn the case over to their insurance company who would pay for the treatment.  Basically they are trying to delay and make him go elsewhere.  It’s a lame and illegal tactic.

In this case they also told him that if he doesn’t get back to work soon he won’t be legally entitled to anything and his bills won’t get paid.  They also lied and got a co-worker who he barely knows to write out a statement that he’s been partying hard which is another lie.

He wanted to know what to do since it’s been a month and nothing is paid.  It’s a simple answer.  He needs to formally file a case as that will force their hand and stop them from acting as if they are a Judge and can decide what he should get and what he shouldn’t get.  That’s not their job and if he doesn’t hire an attorney he’ll continue to get bullied and taken advantage of.

I’m a business man and I like to make money for me and for my clients.  This bottom line (illegal) behavior by these temp agencies really pisses me off though.  We all can agree to disagree on any issue.  However when you try and manipulate someone for your own good, it’s crossing the line.  And nobody does it more or worse in my experience than these employment agencies.

No matter your situation, don’t let anyone ever take advantage of you.  If you’d like to discuss a case, find an attorney or just have general questions, call me at any time for a free consultation at (312) 346-5578 or fill out the contact form on the right of the page.