Since it’s 11-11, I’m going to make some workers’ compensation wishes.

I wish that Governor Rauner would get to know some actual hard-working Illinois workers and see how his proposed changes to the Illinois workers’ compensation system would ruin their health and lives.

I wish that insurance companies would be honest with injured workers unlike the one who told my recent caller that they can’t get work comp benefits until they are all better.  It would be less work for me, but better for the workers.

I wish that law firms who don’t call clients back, yell at them, don’t fight for them or lie about what a case might be worth in order to get the client in the first place would just close their doors.  If you don’t want to be an advocate for injured workers there are plenty of other things you can do with your time.

I wish that the Cubs would get more pitching (oops, wrong blog). :)

I wish that all independent medical examination doctors would truly be independent.  Lots of the ones I see look at injured workers as a way to pay for their country club memberships or new car.

I wish that decisions in all arbitrations had to be written within 30 days of a trial and that if either side appealed that ruling that you could guarantee that process would take no more than six months.

I wish lawyers would stop lying to their clients about how long it takes to get to trial.  Hint, it’s not 2-3 years.

I wish insurance adjusters wouldn’t make injured workers think that they have to give a recorded statement in order to get benefits.

I wish nurse case managers wouldn’t break the law by trying to talk to your doctor without your permission.

I wish every injured worker knew not to give permission to a nurse case manager or anyone else to talk to their doctor.

I wish that the state of Illinois was more aggressive in prosecuting employers who knowingly don’t have workers’ compensation insurance.  It’s a felony, but that means nothing if there is no punishment.

I wish that Illinois workers’ compensation laws would be changed to provide benefits for people who have mental breakdowns due to terrible working conditions.

I wish that if the Thompson Center does get sold that the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission finds a good home in the Loop.

I wish that employers would be forced to put in to place realistic safety measures that would prevent so many injuries.

I wish insurance companies would stop trying to disallow medical procedures like MRI’s, surgery, physical therapy or anything else which can help determine what injury you are dealing with and/or treat it in a way which relieves your pain and helps you get back to work.

I wish employers would stop offering fake jobs as a way to get out of TTD benefit payments.

I wish insurance company employees didn’t get compensated based on how many legitimate claims they can deny.

Most of all I wish all injured workers a speedy recovery.  I get that when you are hurt and unable to work it feels like your life is literally on the line.  I don’t wish that feeling up on anyone.

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