Perhaps I should have published this a week ago, but talking to a caller made me think to write this.  Lawyers do have families like you, take vacations like you and want down time like you.

But, we are also in the customer service business.  I have a friend who is a highly regarded bartender in Chicago and he says that the most important skill a bartender can have is being there for the customer.

The same holds true for lawyers.  So while you might reach our answering service if you call over the next few days (although we are in during normal business hours), you can expect a call back shortly after you call.  This is true if it’s late at night, early in the morning, during a holiday, etc.

That’s how we operate 365 days a year.  If we are sleeping when you call, we’ll call back as soon as we wake up.  If you call or email at midnight and we are up, we’ll call you right away.  I’ve been in a line at Disney waiting to get on a ride and called a client back.  I can’t call you from an airplane, but I can usually e-mail you if there is wi-fi.

We handle our business this way because we know for clients and callers, this case is the most important thing that they have going on in their life.  While sometimes we can’t deliver urgent results (I can’t make the court open on a weekend or holiday for example) we try to give urgent answers.  And we try to do it in real time because that’s how we’d want to be treated.

This doesn’t mean that we guarantee a result and I think that the law firms that promise things they can’t deliver on are shameful.  Not every case is a winner and we don’t take on cases which we don’t think are strong.  We do, however, promise to fight like hell for you if we represent you and always tell you the truth even if it’s not what you want to here.   Again, this is how we want to be treated so it’s how we treat our clients, callers and e-mailers.

I hope you have a safe and happy New Year.  If you need our help, don’t feel that you have to wait until Monday or whenever most law firms are re-opening.  We never close and it’s never a bother to talk to you. Call us at (312) 346-5578 or fill out our form online.