If you read our blog you know that when we get involved in a case it’s with honest clients who have injuries that are serious enough to need our help.  We can’t help everyone and often turn down cases such as finger contusions or ankle sprains.  Those are minor injuries typically and not the people who need our help.

I thought it would be interesting (to me at least) to share some of the other cases we’ve rejected.  It probably won’t help you with your case and I do stress that 98% of the people who contact us are good people or have good intentions.  But sometimes you just don’t have a case.

In no particular order, here are some Illinois workers’ compensation claims we did not get involved with.

  • A woman who works in a call center wanted to bring a claim because she had laryngitis after screaming a bit too loud at a concert she went to.  This prevented her from doing her job and she wanted to know if she could get benefits.
  • A man got in to a fight with a co-worker and ended up with a broken eye socket.  The problem is that he started the fight and it was because his co-worker wouldn’t hook up with him.
  • Caller to our office slipped and fell on water on the floor of the office he works in. Unfortunately it’s his company and he chose to exclude himself from work comp coverage so he’s not eligible for benefits.
  • After getting drunk after work, a woman went back to her place of employment with some friends and drove around on a golf cart trying to do tricks.  She was thrown from the cart and broke her arm.  Needless to say she does not have a case.
  • A very nice man from eastern Europe was hurt years ago working in his home country and wanted to bring a work comp claim against them in Illinois because he recently moved to the United States and didn’t want to have to go back to his home country for hearings (that’s not how it works).
  • Two co-workers got injured in a co-ed soccer league that was sponsored by their company, but not part of their job, not mandatory and in no way related to their job duties.  In fact, at least half of the players didn’t even work at the company.
  • We’ve had probably more than 100 people who are sick with something like cancer, pneumonia or injured from an accident at home who wanted to get workers comp not realizing that is not what it’s for.
  • Guy applied for a job and didn’t get it because he failed the background check.  Wanted to bring a work comp case because he says them doing the background check lead to him having a mental breakdown.
  • And my personal favorite, a woman who claims that she used to work for Oprah wants to bring a claim because Oprah now watches her through the TV!

We of course like to be able to help people rather than say that they don’t have a case, but we’ll always be willing to talk to you about a possible case and we always tell the truth.  If you want our help in any way, fill out our form to the right or give us a call at (312) 346-5578.