I’m more of a plain English type of guy.  But I asked my clerk to sum up repetitive trauma cases in Illinois and she didn’t do a bad job.  Here is what she had to say.

Illinois workers’ compensation claims aren’t just for when something sudden happens like slipping on a wet floor or throwing your back out when you are lifting a heavy object.. If an injury is incurred due to daily repetitive motion there may be substance enough to file a claim with workers’ compensation.

What is a repetitive motion injury? Bursitis, tendonitis, and carpel tunnel are among the most common injuries that occur from repetitive motion. Carpel tunnel in particular, can be a progressive and painful condition that occurs when a nerve is compressed in the wrist. When the nerve is compressed or becomes swollen, pain, numbness and tingling can occur. If these symptoms persist without medical attention, it may become very difficult to continue working with your hands.

Workers compensation exists for the purpose to help those who were injured on the job by providing for lost wages and the cost of medical attention due to the injury regardless of who was at fault for the injury. While it may take time to establish work being the cause of a repetitive motion injury, the time will be beneficial for the injured person once the case is established. To establish a valid claim, the injured worker must put in the time and effort to present direct and clear evidence from a doctor that the injury was caused from the repetitive motion, on the job. Once that medical opinion has been reviewed, a Judge will determine if the worker’s claim is valid. Once the claim is ruled as valid, workers compensation doesn’t just pay to treat the immediate needs, but also for follow up care once a worker has returned to work if necessary.

Carpel Tunnel, in specific can result in a worker not being able to complete his or her tasks for an unlimited amount of time depending on severity. It is very important to seek medical attention if you think you may have carpel tunnel, to avoid further damage, and time away from work. If you believe you have carpel tunnel, go to a doctor and discuss the issue with your employer as soon as  you can. After seeking medical advice, speak with a knowledgeable workers compensation attorney to make sure you protected in the best way possible.

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