I’ve said for a long time that there is no such thing as the “best” workers’ compensation lawyer in Illinois.  Instead you need to find the best lawyer for your case.  That is why we created a state wide network of experienced attorneys with the goal of our law firm getting you the right lawyer for you.  Just because one attorney was good for your cousin doesn’t mean that the same lawyer is the best fit for you.

Apparently I was wrong because I just got an AMAZING offer.

It’s a letter from some bogus lawyer ranking group like you see in airline magazines and other places where they list the ten best doctors or ten best steak houses.  Now I don’t know if I was nominated by a client or fellow attorney as they list in their criteria, but I doubt that happened because I don’t know anyone who has heard of this organization.  I can tell you that their requirement that I have achieved the “highest degree of professional achievement” is b.s. because there is no way or measuring that nor is there a way to measure whether or not I have an “impeccable client satisfaction rating.”

So why do these things exist?  Two reasons.

  1. They can get lawyers who don’t know how to market themselves to get excited about this because they can now put on their website that they were chosen as a top 10 lawyer by an organization that sounds really official, but could just as easily be run by you, me or a teenager out of their garage.
  2.  This organization is trying to make money.  To be listed I have to complete their registration form and pay a $275 membership fee.

Of course if I do this I can be a big phony and claim that I’ve been selected to something that isn’t peer reviewed at all.  On the flip side it comes with a plaque and gets me discounts to Starbucks and The Red Roof Inn among other places.

This of course isn’t the only “Best Lawyer” list place out there.  There are a bunch of them as well as bogus lawyer rating websites.  To me they are all phony and only work because lawyers want to either feel special or mislead clients about their qualifications.

I think we are great because we are straight forward, experienced and treat anyone we talk to like a family member or friend.  There are plenty of great firms out there as well that you can choose from.  But if you are choosing them because you see they got an award on their website then you are making a bad decision.

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