We get a lot of readers who are new to workers’ compensation coming to our site for info. This post is for them.  If you have questions or need help with a case, fill out our contact form to the right of this page or call the number at the top.  It’s always free and confidential.

What is Workers Compensation?
Workers comp is an insurance program that is state mandated. This insurance program provides compensation to employees who are injured on the job or because of the job they do. Workers compensation benefits are available to the employee regardless of who was at fault, unless intoxication existed at the time of injury. It is a felony for an employer not to carry work comp insurance in Illinois.

How long will it take for my claim to be settled?
This is a question only time and an attorney can answer. It depends on the severity of the injury, recovery time, on going medical needs, etc.  A case should never be settled or closed before your medical care has ended completely.

What all is covered under workers compensation?
Workers comp will pay for hospital and other medical expenses that will treat your on the job injury. It may also pay for rehabilitation and depending on the severity of the injury, it will also cover disability payments to you while you are unable to work or have work restrictions that can not be accommodated.

Are all injuries that occur on the job covered by workers comp?
Most are, yes. However there are circumstances such as self inflicted injuries, or injuries that may violate a company policy. If they employee was committing a series crime or drinking or using drugs at the time of the injury, it probably will not be covered. Mental stress cases are also usually not covered, but there are some exceptions.

What if I am unable to preform the same job as before the injury?
Sometimes doctors will release you back to work, but not at the same activity or activity level. If this happens, you may be eligible for TTD, Temporary total disability. If the injury will not allow you to do the same job, you might be eligible for vocational rehabilitation – retraining you to re-enter the work field in a new type of position.  If you have done all of this and still cannot find a job to accept the new limitations, you may have permanent disability available to you.

Is there a time limit from the time I was injured until I file a claim?
Yes, within 45 days, you must notify your employer either in person or in writing.