I’ve had the pleasure of representing a great guy who had a terrible injuries.  Due to a fall he became paralyzed from the waist down at a really young age.  He’s a role model for how to deal with such a serious injury and I’m not sure that I could come close to living the life that he’s lead since then. From my interactions with him he hasn’t let this problem stop him from living a good life with his wife and kids.

One of the reasons he’s been able to live a good life since this happened to him is the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.  Because of that he’s been able to get a van that has been modified to accommodate his disability and let him drive.  When it broke, the insurance company had to fix it and eventually buy him a new one.

With his house, the insurance company had to make changes to it to accommodate his wheelchair.  There was a huge construction project that was not cheap. Speaking of the wheelchair, he got that as part of his case as well.

All of these things he’s been given are medical benefits under Illinois law.  I can’t imagine where he’d be without them although it’s probably the tax payers of Illinois who would have had to pay for all of this otherwise.

A caller the other day had a similar injury and wanted to know what it takes to get a replacement van.  The honest answer is that there is not a clear cut law other than the injured worker is entitled to something reasonable.  So just as you can’t be made to get surgery at some fly by night surgical center, you aren’t going to be stuck with a van that breaks down every couple of weeks.  You also probably won’t get the highest end model on the block.

What we can get for you and what you should expect is something that is reasonable and necessary. Fixes to your house or even a new house are reasonable.  A big screen TV is not.  A new, custom van that can transport you is reasonable.  One that has gold plated rims is not.

I certainly hope that you are never in a position where you need these types of benefits, but if you are we are happy to answer any questions and help if there are problems.  Fill out our contact form to the right or call us at (312) 346-5578 if you’d like a free, confidential consultation.