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I like to spot trends in Illinois workers’ compensation law and I’ve definitely noticed one lately.  Insurance companies are calling up injured workers shortly after they get hurt and offering them money to settle quickly.  This is copied from Illinois car accident law.

So why would an insurance company do this and why should you not take the bait?

They do it because to them a closed file is a good file.  And if a case might cost them $10,000.00 overall, to resolve it quickly for $2,000.00 is a win.  Sometimes a case you think is going to cost you 10k ends up costing you 250k.  The back strain could turn in to a back surgery.  If they can get you to settle right away it’s a win for them.  They take advantage of people who don’t realize that their problem is more serious than it seems.

The problem of course is that they are offering you way less than what your case is worth and if you settle then there is nobody who will pay for your medical treatment.  Even if you have group insurance, if they realize that your physical problems are from a work injury, they won’t pay for that treatment.

So what ends up happening is you get a few bucks in your pocket, but suddenly can’t work and can’t get better.  If it sounds like they insurance company is being nasty and ruthless with no regard for your well being it’s because that’s exact what is happening.

All I can tell you is don’t do it.  An offer today is not likely to ever go away and in fact it’s just likely to increase.  And of course nothing is more important than your health so even thinking about settling before you are healthy and back to work without problems is a terrible idea.

To the insurance company this is all just business and the way they treat you or other injured workers is based on business strategy.  You have to look out for you.