There are hundreds if not thousands of lawyers in Illinois who say that they represent injured workers.  That’s because any attorney can say that they know how to handle those cases, but they don’t have to prove it’s true.  Probably once every two weeks I get a call from someone who hired an attorney and soon there after discovered that their specialty was really divorce or real estate or DUI’s.  Once the case gets tough these law firms are in over their heads and you suffer.

It’s different for work comp defense attorneys. They are hired by insurance companies so they are properly vetted.  As a result, we tend to see the same firms over and over on these cases which is good news for you because it makes their behavior more predictable.

Actually it’s only good news if your lawyer knows what they are doing.

Recently a nice guy called me and asked me if I had heard of the defense law firm on a case.  I had because it was a big time firm that handles a ton of cases and is lead by a guy who has been handling case for 40 years.  Everyone who focuses their practice on work comp knows him.

Unfortunately this worker’s attorney did not know the defense firm.  It’s a bad sign as to how often they are handling work injuries.  That’s different than not knowing the lawyer whose handling the case.  But if you don’t know the firm you aren’t operating with full info.

There are some firms that seem to use a playbook on their cases and they can be ruthless.  They’ll walk all over anyone they can.  Others are great unless you act like an asshole with them.  Others you can’t trust.  Some try to low ball you on settlements.  Some do great at trial.  Some are unprepared.

Knowing this stuff guarantees nothing, but it’s an added piece of the puzzle that can increase your chances for a good result. If they don’t it might be a bad sign and you should consider switching firms before it’s too late.

Bonus tip. If your attorney is friends with the defense lawyer, that is usually a good thing. It’s not likely they are going to sell you out.  Rather it’s more likely that their good relationship will help you if there are contested issues.

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