We get asked this a lot and it’s a great question.  The answer often depends on how long it’s been since you’ve been injured.  If it’s been many months or even years, we might want a lot.  Usually when we give you a free phone consultation and learn the case issues we also learn what we want you to bring.  In general you shouldn’t ever feel bad or nervous about bringing something that isn’t needed.  It’s our job to tell you what we need. It’s not your job to know this and if you are just trying to help it’s a good thing.

In general what we are looking for is:

  • Initial medical records if you have them.
  • Copies off of work slips if you were given one. We can’t claim you are owed lost time benefits without this.
  • Contact info for all medical providers to date.
  • Copies of any correspondence you’ve received from the insurance company.
  • Copies of any checks you’ve received from the insurance company or at least the check stubs.
  • Any medical bills that you’ve gotten so far.
  • A copy of your pay stubs from before you were injured.  Up to the last 52 weeks before the accident date if you have it. This is important to make sure you aren’t being underpaid.
  • If you’ve created a written summary of what happened that’s always helpful.
  • Names of any accident witnesses and contact info if you have it.
  • Correspondence from a nurse case manager if there has been one on your case.

Every attorney of course is different, but I’ve always operated by the belief that I’d rather have too much information than too little.  Either way, don’t fret about this.  Just like at trial where it’s our job to ask you the right questions, it’s also our job when we first meet and as the case goes along to ask you for what we need.  If we don’t get it at the first meeting we can get it after.

Bonus tip, I’ve had clients say something like, “I feel stupid for asking, but do you need a copy of this?”  NEVER feel that way.  This is your case and your life. Be involved and if you have a question just ask.  There is no such thing as a dumb question, especially when you have no experience with this type of stuff.