I’ve been a lawyer for about 20 years so I’m young enough to be hungry and aggressive, but old enough to not understand why anyone would want to post on Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram.  I don’t do Facebook, but get why some people might be interested in it.

This isn’t a post to preach or judge on social media.  What it is though is advice.  If you are hurt at work or have any other legal case, STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!

Yes, I’m yelling.  It’s really important.  If you are faking a case and get caught because you posted on Facebook a photo of you playing football, you deserve to lose.  That’s not who I’m talking about and worried about.  Them losing the case is karma.

What I’m talking about is the person who has a legitimate work injury and then posts a photo or makes a comment that could be misinterpreted and somehow used against them.  We see this sort of thing all the time.  You have to be careful. In one case, someone posted a “throwback” picture, but didn’t label it that way and made it seem that they were bowling days after tearing their rotator cuff.

If you absolutely, positively can’t stay off social media, then you have to be smart. First, make sure all of your settings are private.  Second, don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know. You’d be surprised that insurance adjusters or private detectives will often create fake accounts to snoop on you even though it’s not legal.  Third, don’t ever talk about your case.  Don’t even vent.  If you express how you are frustrated because your case is taking so long and you will lose your house, the insurance company could use that as leverage to squeeze you even more.  It will just lead to bad things. Finally, if you are in a photo with friends ask them not to tag you.

Generally speaking if you are being honest about your claim, nothing bad should happen.  But the bottom line is you have to be extra careful because they are looking for a way to cut you off.  You don’t want to be the reason that you lose or delay your case.