I got a call the other day that is like a call I receive a couple of times a month.  “I want someone who won’t be afraid to go up against my company.”  Usually that means they work for a big company like Walmart, FedEx, UPS or someone like the State of Illinois or City of Chicago.

Their fear is that their employer has billions in resources and an attorney won’t be able to handle that. It’s perception versus reality, usually from what people see on TV or in the movies.  Other times it’s because non-lawyers are putting bad thoughts in their head.

I can only speak for work comp, but I can promise you that going up against these big companies is for the most part not much different than going up against a small or medium sized business. We typically deal with one insurance adjuster and one lawyer no matter what the case facts are.  Simply put, there’s not much more to it and if they threw a whole team against your case they’d likely spend more money defending it than it’s worth.

Sure Walmart can be terrible to their employees and fight cases they shouldn’t and the State will try and delay due to lack of money or resources.  But if your lawyer has experience, knows what to do and is willing to do it things will work out fine.

Bottom line is that there’s a lot to worry about if you are hurt at work, but having an employer who is “too big” shouldn’t be one.  So don’t stress about that at all.