That’s right, I’m telling you don’t be impressed by the work we’ve done.  Here are some of the settlements we’ve gotten this year on cases we’ve been a part of:

$300,000.00 for man who severely tore his rotator cuff
$48,000.00 for client with torn Achilles tendon that required surgery
$627.11 per week for life for a client who is permanently disabled
$170,000.00 for a client with a major leg injury
$133,000.00 for woman with multiple injuries in a work related car accident
$63,500.00 for a client with a torn meniscus
$65,000.00 back surgery with full return to work
$70,000.00 for client with a herniated disc
$200,000.00 for client with severe leg fracture.
$190,000.00 for client with leg fracture and PTSD
$200,000.00 for worker with severe shoulder and back injuries
$87,400.00 for woman with rotator cuff surgery and some work restrictions
$115,000.00+ for a truck driver in the Rock Island area who had back surgery

Those are from just 13 cases although we’ve settled more than 100 this year, some for more, some for less. These are some big numbers, so why shouldn’t you be impressed?

I say that because what we have told you about these cases gives you no idea what they were really worth.  The $70,000.00 herniated disc case for example I believe was really worth that amount and it’s a great result.  But I could just by lying to you and maybe it was really worth three times that if I just did some work.

I say this because I see so many attorneys trying to sell themselves by listing numbers like this or telling you their win rate and it’s all so phony.  I don’t doubt the numbers they report, but there’s no way for you to tell if they did a good job or not.  $200,000.00 is a lot for a work comp case, but if the insurance company was willing to pay $400,000.00 then it’s a terrible result.

And firms that sell their won/loss record count cases they settle for $500 as a win just the same as a case they went to trial on.  It’s fake marketing. They might be great, they might be terrible, but they are trying to convince you with things you can’t really measure.

My advice when considering which lawyer to hire is looking at their experience (years in practice, have they handled your type of injury before), practice focus (are they just work comp or do they do other things), location, number of lawyers in the firm (not always, but one person shops sometimes struggle), communication (how often will you hear from them) and general customer service (who will you be dealing with, do they call back, etc.).  You can’t always tell these things up front, but should be on the lookout for it.

We created our state wide network of like minded attorneys to make sure that you could know what you are getting and we could tell you who we think is best for your unique case.  Hire us because you like that.  Not because of big numbers that don’t tell you the whole story.