This idea came to me four months ago. I (gladly) talk to people every day who made a mistake in hiring an Illinois work comp attorney.  Some we can help, some we can’t, but almost all have received lousy treatment. So on February 21st I decided to write this post which simply lists the reasons people tell me why they are unhappy with their attorney.  I’m curious to see if a theme develops.  So here’s what I’ve heard since.

  • I only get to speak to the paralegal, never the lawyer.
  • My attorney refuses to take the case to trial even though I haven’t been paid for a year.
  • I’ve got a ton of medical bills that they should pay and my lawyer told me just to file for bankruptcy.
  • He wants me to settle even though I still don’t feel better and my doctor says I need physical therapy.
  • Every time I call I get a different answer and a different story.
  • I just don’t have faith that he’s the right guy to represent me at trial.
  • After my TTD benefits got cut off I hired an attorney and it’s been more than 30 days and they haven’t done anything yet.
  • I went to an IME which went in my favor and still can’t get the surgery approved.  My lawyer won’t file for penalties or fees.
  • I signed the documents to start a case six weeks ago and they haven’t been filed yet.
  • My lawyer always yells at me.
  • I just get the sense this isn’t going in the right direction.
  • Every time I call the lawyer seems aggravated to hear from me.

Few thoughts.

  1. A lot of people want to fire their attorney.
  2. Most are justified.
  3. It really comes down to service and fighting for your client.  When you don’t do that, the client isn’t happy and they shouldn’t be.

While you should never hire an attorney with the thought that you’ll fire them, if they give you reason to do so, you should before it’s too late.  It doesn’t cost anything and it’s comparable to breaking up with someone you are dating, but know isn’t right for you.  And just like in dating, the longer you let a bad relationship drag out, the harder it is to break free.

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