When you’ve been practicing law for a long time, you begin to notice patterns.  Cases settle easier when the year is almost over.  Slip and falls happen in a high volume in February.  And custodians get injured every July and August moving boxes and cabinets.

In the last month I’ve been called by five custodians who have injured backs, shoulders and knees from moving stuff out of teacher’s rooms so they can be cleaned.

We love teachers and have represented a ton of them over the years.  But the custodians and movers we have helped have said that the biggest reason they get injured is because they get asked to move cabinets that haven’t been emptied which of course makes them much heavier.  One guy I spoke with said he had to move classrooms the distance of a football field and the added weight finally caused his knee to give out.

It’s really on the Principal and whoever else is running the school and ordering these moves to consider the risks and way to reduce injury.  Once the custodians get there they essentially have to move what is there or get fired.

Of course when you are moving thousands of pounds day after day and that’s not your normal line of work, it’s natural that your body can break down from being overworked or something in your back or shoulder could pop.

So if this happens to you know that the law is on your side and while we can’t sue the school for negligence, we can get all of your medical bills and lost time paid for and get you a settlement at the end of the case.  And of course there is no fee unless we are successful.  If you’d like to speak to an experienced attorney, call us at (312) 346-5578.