I publish something like this post every year at this time, but do it because it’s so important.

If you want to settle your Illinois workers’ compensation claim and your case should be settled (meaning you aren’t receiving treatment any more and are either back to work or have done a long time job search) then there’s no time better than now to do it.

Insurance adjusters don’t care about you, but like you they do want to make the most money they can.  They usually get year end bonuses based on not how good of a job they are doing, but based on how many cases they are able to close. For an insurance company, an open case means risk and they don’t like risk, they like certainty.

The bonuses happen at the end of the year so around this time two things happen.  1. They are calling their defense attorneys and pushing them to get cases resolved. 2. Even the lazy insurance adjusters who never return phone calls are willing to talk settlement. In fact some insurance companies will set up “settlement days” at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission where they will invite us to come in and settle as many cases as possible.

While they won’t just throw money away, your best chance to get full value without going to trial is right now.  In fact one defense attorney I know told me that his big corporate client wants this done ASAP.

So if your lawyer has told you that it takes one to two years after you are all better to get a settlement, know that they are lying and that now is the time to make it happen. If they won’t do it for you or you don’t have confidence in them, we’d be happy to do it for you.

If you need help with anything related to work comp, contact us any time. It’s free, we talk like human beings and it’s confidential.