It’s a fact that most of the cases in the Chicago area, including the suburbs, are handled by Chicago based workers’ compensation attorneys.  So if you go to the court hearings in Wheaton or New Lenox and survey the lawyers, you’ll find that most of them are based out of downtown, especially the ones who are experienced.

If you don’t live in the City and maybe even if you do, you probably don’t want to go downtown.  It’s not always convenient, parking is expensive and if you have a recent injury the last thing you want to do is be in a car or walking around.

If the best and most experienced lawyers are in the City, but you don’t want to go there or can’t, what do you do?  The good news is that you never have to come downtown to hire a good Illinois work comp attorney.  Through the phone and e-mail we can learn about your case, tell you about us and sign you up.  We’ve had some cases where we got to know the clients like they were good friends, but never actually met them in person.  This is more common in cases where the client lives out of state, but was injured in Illinois, but it happens here too.

In the alternative, if you want to meet face to face, we can usually come to your house, meet you at a coffee shop or meet up at some other mutually convenient time and location.

This is all about customer service and it’s what good law firms do for their clients.  You still need to be invested in your case and do what is needed to make sure the case is successful.  But don’t hire the local guy who takes divorce, DUI’s, real estate closings and work comp just because you think he’s more convenient. In the long run you will be better off with someone who is 100% work comp, even if they aren’t up the street.

And above all else, don’t worry about coming in to Chicago.  It’s almost never needed in your case.  Focus on what law firm gives you the best chance of getting the best result.

Bonus tip, if you are downstate in central or southern Illinois, you could work with a Chicago firm, but getting a lawyer from a nearby bigger city is usually the best bet.  We work with many downstate firms to make sure you hire the best law firm for your case.

If you’d like a FREE consultation with one of our attorneys, fill out our contact form or call us at  (312) 346-5578.  We are based out of Chicago, but help all over.