Cellulitis is an infection, caused by bacteria, both of the skin and under the skin. This infection can get deep into the skin layers causing major damages when left untreated. Typically, this bacterial infection, similar to staph or MRSA, starts when there is a break of some sort in your skin. Skin ulcers, surgical wounds, even the small cracks that once were athlete’s foot could be all the break your skin needs to develop this harmful infection.

I didn’t post a picture to this post, but needless to say, if you have cellulitis it can lead to huge blisters and swelling and at least will turn your skin very red.

Cellulitis can sometimes be caused by the work you do regularly at your job. Cleaners, bricklayers, mechanics, housekeepers, etc. can all be at risk for the infection that is similar to Bursitis. Cellulitis can be developed by heavy use of pressure, or over use of your joints in your day-to-day repetition. It can also have severe consequences if you do not see a doctor. Usually areas of your legs, arms and face are affected. Cellulitis of the eye, a simple eye infection, left untreated can lead to permanent blindness. Cellulitis left untreated in your skin, can cause the infection to travel to your blood stream. This infection of the blood stream could travel to your brain and spinal cord, or in extreme cases even lead to sepsis.

Cellulitis starts often as a small crack in the skin and if not treated properly, it can go from something minor to something very major.

If you developed cellulitis due to an on the job injury, you may be able to receive workers compensation benefits. Any time you are injured on the job, or due to your job you should be eligible for benefits that would cover all of  your medical treatment and bills, any out of pocket expenses and lost wages. This is not a unique injury under Illinois workers’ compensation law and I’d estimate that there are more than 500 cases filed every year for workers who have similar problems.

Big questions:

  1. What’s the case worth? It completely depends on how severe your cellulitis problem is and if it impacts your ability to return to work.  It’s almost certainly worth something, but whether that means a couple thousand or $500,000 is mainly dependent on how bad the issue is.
  2. Do you need a lawyer? Because cellulitis can be caused outside of work just as easily as it can be caused at work, insurance companies fight these cases all the time. If it’s a serious injury it would be a bad idea to go at this alone.
  3. Should I give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster about how I think I got this? NEVER!!! This is an example of why an attorney is needed. The insurance company will do whatever they can to trip you up and get you to say it didn’t happen at work. If they can’t get you they will go after your doctor.
  4. How long will the case take? Again, it depends on how bad the injury is.

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