We represent anyone with an Illinois work injury in any part of the state.  We’ve represented athletes, Fortune 500 executives, janitors, teachers, all sorts of laborers, flight attendants, UPS workers, Amazon employees, etc.  I can’t think of a profession that we haven’t helped in 20+ years of being a lawyer.

But we’ve probably helped more nurses and CNA’s than anyone else.  This is partly because there are so many of them and partly because the nature of the work leads to many injuries.

The most common injury CNA’s have is back injuries from catching falling patients or from lifting them. It can be a lot of dead weight.  This activity also leads to many arm and actually ankle injuries from patients falling on to them.

A not as common, but still frequent injury we see is knee problems.  This doesn’t come from one specific activity, but rather the repetitive nature of the job which tends to involve a ton of walking all day, every day.

One woman came to us for help letting us know that she needs knee surgery.  She’s been doing the same CNA job for 25 years and is on her feet all day. You can’t take breaks when you have more patients than you know what to do with.  They constantly need your help and if you sit down they could be in danger.

In a case like this, to win, she will need her orthopedic doctor to state that her job caused, aggravated or accelerated or in some way contributed to her knee problems.  It doesn’t have to be the primary or only cause, just a contributing factor.  Do you think being on her feet and walking for about half of every 8-10 hour shift over 25 years played a role in her knee problems?  I think most people would agree that it did.  You still need a doctor, but it’s usually a common sense type claim.

Despite this being hopefully obvious, you can bet that the insurance company will fight it.  That’s OK, that’s what we are here for.  We don’t take on bogus claims.  We help hard working people who were legitimately injured while on their job.

If you have any questions about this or would like a FREE consultation, call us any time at (312) 346-5578 or fill out our contact form.  We help everywhere in Illinois.