It’s Valentine’s Day. Hopefully you have your own Valentine in your personal life that treats you great.  It’s illegal for your work comp lawyer to be romantic with you, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t show you love year round.

They can do that in so many ways:

  1. Return your phone calls.
  2. Remember what your case is about.
  3. Show you empathy when you are having a tough time.
  4. Listen when you feel the need to rant or vent.
  5. Answer your questions.
  6. Do what they say they are going to do.
  7. Actually fight for you when your benefits are wrongfully denied.
  8. Explain the law.
  9. Not pawn your case off on other lawyers.
  10. Not yell at you.

That’s just ten things they can do, but the list could be longer.  Do any of those things sound unreasonable?   They aren’t.  This is a customer service based business, but sadly many Illinois work comp attorneys treat their clients like garbage.  They either hate what they are doing, have become jaded after too many years of practice or are just terrible business people.

If this is happening to you, you should love yourself for Valentine’s Day and switch attorneys.  It costs nothing to switch, you are allowed to do it and if your attorney is doing things on this list it is likely that you will get a better end result with a real fighter in your corner.  If you don’t look out for you, nobody will.  There are bad attorneys who do these things, but it’s not “normal” and shouldn’t be accepted.

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